a-ha: The Movie review – Norway’s 80s pop pinups in dour, exacting details

·1 min read

There has been a wealth of exceptional music documentaries lately – the kind of films that are strong enough to connect with both fans and audiences who are indifferent to the music of their subjects. Unfortunately, a-ha: The Movie is not one of these. The story of the unfathomably pretty 80s Norwegian pop trio is recounted in dour, exacting detail by three men who make no secret of how little love is lost between them. The iconic animated video for Take On Me is referenced – one of the more appealing aspects of the film is the way it also uses animation to illustrate tales of the bandmates’ early lives.

Fans will no doubt find the film fascinating, if a little dispiriting: it may be like eavesdropping on your parents, only to discover that they’re on the brink of divorce.

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