Mom's incredible hack for getting her child to take medicine goes viral editors

Even as adults, the thought of children's medicine gives us the chills. No matter the flavor, from orange to grape, we have vivid memories of being force-fed a spoonful, only to quickly chase it down with a glass of milk or a treat.

But getting babies to open wide for a dose is even harder. However, one mom is sharing her incredible hack to get her son to take medicine -- and now, it's going viral. 

England's Helena Lee was trying to feed her newborn Calpol when she remembered reading about this trick -- all you need is a bottle and syringe. "No tears," promises Lee, as she shows how to use a syringe to fill the bottle's straw with liquid medicine.

Since her posting, Lee's hack has been shared over 120,000 times, with parents from all over praising her clever move. "My sofa covers, carpet and table got a share of the last lot I tried to give," said one comment. 

"So good idea! Have to try! We have already 7 months, but when it goes about taking medicines I'm going crazy!" exclaimed another.


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h/t The Daily Mail 

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