MMA referee gets KO'd after taking spinning backfist to face

Being an MMA official comes with some risks, as this Muay Thai referee found out over the weekend. (Screen grab via teamshogunlb/Instagram)

Referees have an emotionally taxing job, there’s no doubt about that. Only every so often, though, do the physical risks reach the point they did for this Muay Thai official over the weekend.

This referee was KO’d during a stoppage in a fight at The Lebanese Muay Thai Arab Championship, which occurred in Beirut. After adjusting the fighters and restarting the bout, the ref gets pegged with a swinging backfist to the face and immediately drops as ringside medics jump into the ring to help the fallen official.

The referee appeared to be OK, regaining consciousness and eventually his footing as he was attended to by trainers. Tough night at the office.

(H/T teamshogunlb Instagram)