MLB betting: Best bets for World Series winner, MVPs, season win totals and more

It's a little late, but Major League Baseball begins on Thursday.

The delay due to the lockout also gave us an extra week to look over some future bets. Yahoo Sports' Scott Pianowski and Frank Schwab went over their best bets for the 2022 MLB season at BetMGM:

Who do you like for MVP?

FS: I'm hoping you'll give me an NL MVP pick I like, because nothing really stands out to me. It's not all that fun betting MVP chalk and that's all I like in the NL so far.

I do see some value on the AL side. Houston Astros outfielder Kyle Tucker and Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Bo Bichette are each +2500 and I like them both. If I had to bet just one it would be Bichette. He is a proven .300 hitter in the majors and last season he had 29 homers and 25 steals. If he hits .300 with a 30-30 season on a good Toronto Blue Jays team? You'll like having that 25-to-1 ticket.

In an MLB spring training game Bo Bichette of the Blue Jays talks to last year's NL MVP winner, Bryce Harper of the Philadelphia Phillies. (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

SP: I will sign off on both of your MVP picks. I like Bichette enough that I took him second overall in some fantasy drafts. One problem he might have is that Toronto team is loaded with talent, and sometimes players can cannibalize their teammates in the voting if the team is successful. But I am here for all of the Bichette pub.

On Tucker, I just hope he doesn't spend the year in the second half of the order again. Right now it looks like the No. 6 slot, as Dusty Baker wants to balance out the handedness of his lineup. But why not slot Tucker in the two position and keep Yordan Alvarez at four? Anyway, you bet on talent and you bet on a player still on the escalator. That is certainly Tucker.

What other awards tickets are you punching?

FS: The one I got in on already (and I've drafted him everywhere in fantasy) is Joe Musgrove at 25-to-1. He had a breakout last season, he just turned 29, he plays for a good San Diego Padres team and I think there's another level for him coming. I also want Shohei Ohtani at +2000 for AL Cy Young because we all know his talent, and giving him Cy Young a year after MVP seems like a cheeky thing the voters would like. And give me Julio Rodriguez for AL rookie of the year at +400 in what should be a great race.

SP: I blew it with Julio Rodriguez, I should have punched that ROY ticket when the tea leaves suggested he'd make the Mariners right away. Granted, last year's big thing was Jarred Kelenic and his first time around was a flop. But J-Rod looks ready to me. I think he's going to be a blast right away.

Why not Julio Urias at 25-1? It's funny that he won 20 games last year and didn't win the Cy Young — in the old days, that's how guys like Bob Welch would beat Roger Clemens. The risk with Dodger plays is that the team might run away with the division (or at least consider itself already in the playoffs) and rest every big-name player for a case of the hiccups. You might not see the volume you'd prefer. But I still love betting on this infrastructure. And Urias has already shown what he can do.

My two super long Cy Young plays in the AL are John Means (80-1) and Sonny Gray (66-1). Means has already shown he can beat the Baltimore park (though he did slump in the second half) and the yard is considerably bigger now. I like everything Minnesota's done in the offseason. The defense looks sound in key areas and this team could steal the division away from Chicago. Gray plays into this narrative nicely.

FS: I can get behind that Urias pick. He has always had the talent to contend for a Cy Young. Before we get into teams I did want to throw some love for Kyle Schwarber, who I'm taking over 30.5 home runs and +2000 to win the home run title. It wouldn't surprise anyone if he hit 50. Also Josh Hader to lead the majors in saves at +1600 seems like value, but I'll get to my Brewers love in a bit.

SP: I love that Schwarber bet. I wish the Red Sox had resigned him. Another bonus for Schwarber is that he likely bats first or second and that leads so many extra plate appearances. You gotta take the over for his homer total no matter what it is. If he's healthy, he smashes it.

The Phillies are a softball team, swing from the heels and don't care about defense. That's why you can't bet any of their pitchers for any of their props.

Which season win total bets do you like?

FS: I already grabbed the under on the Oakland A's, which is 68.5 now. I'd probably take the under if it was 58.5. A friend of mine put the A's situation well, saying their all-star representative is probably going to be Stephen Piscotty. Rough but probably true. That's one horrible team and they're going to keep selling. I also like the Tigers under (a PECOTA play), Diamondbacks over (the projections like Arizona), over on the Twins (I like their offseason) and Guardians under 76.5 (that organization just doesn't seem too interested in winning).

SP: I love team totals, and see plenty I like.

I think you have to punch Pirates under 64.5 (they’re already bad, and team will actively slash the roster midseason), over Rays 90.5 (the seasonal gift to all bettors), Rangers over 74.5 (they’ve spent enough money to prove that they care) for starters. Also count me in with Marlins over 76.5 (maybe I’m chasing from last year, but it’s a good roster and other NL East contenders are easy to shoot holes in), Cardinals over 84.5 (their special sauce seems to work), Athletics under 68.5 (maybe they just want a guaranteed profit and a soda machine that’s stocked full again), Twins over 81.5 (probably my strongest over, and I might take them for the division, too).

FS: I like the White Sox but Twins at +500 to win that division has value, so we're in agreement there.

How about a World Series bet?

FS: I try to never bet with my heart. But Milwaukee native or not, when you look at Corbin Burnes, Brandon Woodruff and Freddy Peralta as a 1-2-3 in a rotation with Josh Hader, the best closer in baseball, behind them, seeing the Brewers at +1600 to win the World Series looks enticing. I believe I'd be betting that regardless of which team I root for. I get the Los Angeles Dodgers will probably win and their +500 odds aren't that terrible after losing some pieces, but I've only punched one World Series ticket and it's on the Brewers. Let's just ignore they haven't made a World Series since I was six years old.

SP: Your Milwaukee WS ticket makes a lot of sense. They have the front-loaded rotation and two stars in the bullpen; come playoff time, depth matters less and stars matter more. I look at the offense and think "meh", but I have great respect for the front office. The Brewers will likely be buyers at the trade deadline. I'll ride with you on that one.

I'm also going to punch a Blue Jays ticket. All that young talent, so many players who haven't had their best season yet. Another front office I believe in.

FS: I like it, the Blue Jays are going to have a big season soon and it'll be fun to buy a ticket for that ride.