Millie Bobby Brown says Stranger Things needs to adopt ‘Game of Thrones mindset’ and kill characters off

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Stranger Things: Creators tease ‘very different’ spin-off to hit Netflix show

Millie Bobby Brown has joked that her character should be killed off in the final season of Stranger Things just to bring cast numbers down.

The first part of the fourth season of Netflix’s sci-fi series arrives on the platform this week, with just one more season left to air afterwards.

In a new interview, Brown, who plays Eleven, discussed possible character deaths in the show’s final season.

“We’re all afraid of one of us dying,” Brown told The Wrap, with her castmate Noah Schnapp adding: “One of us will die. Or more. The cast is so big.”

Brown then joked that the cast of Stranger Things was so large that they couldn’t fit in a single photo and that killing characters off was the only way to handle it.

“You need to start killing people off,” Brown said, joking that there should be a “massacre” scene.

“The Duffer Brothers are sensitive sallys who don’t want to kill anybody off. We need to have the mindset of Game of Thrones. Kill me off! They tried killing David [Harbour] off and they brought him back!”

Last week, Netflix delighted fans as they released the first eight minutes of Stranger Things season four early.

Netflix has confirmed that the first seven episodes of season four will debut on May 27, with two additional episodes released on 1 July. The season’s final episode will be over two hours long.

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