Miley Cyrus teams up with Pete Davidson for New Year’s Eve special in Miami

Miley Cyrus teamed up with SNL comedian Pete Davidson to present her star-studded New Year’s Eve special in Miami.

The pop star and her co-host introduced a selection of live music performances and comedy skits featuring artists including Saweetie, Jack Harlow, and Cyrus’s little sister Noah.

Opening the show, aired on US networks NBC and Peacock, Cyrus said: “I just had to have Pete with me tonight, he has been my rock this week.

“Yep, Pete Davidson has been my emotional support, which should tell you how crazy this week has been.”

She continued: “This isn’t the New Year party we thought we were going to have or even the one we were planning on last week or just a few hours ago.

“But we’re just trying to think positive… or negative depending on whichever one means you can still taste and smell.

“It’s about to be 2022, which I think is guaranteed to be the best year of the last three.”

Davidson added: “I mean the bar is pretty low, so let’s have some fun tonight”.

Other guest performers were Anitta, Brandi Carlile and rapper 24kGoldn.

Cyrus and her sister later performed a cover of Dolly Parton’s country hit Jolene, wearing a shiny silver jumpsuit and fitted black dress respectively.

The show also featured several comedy sketches involving the two hosts.

One saw Cyrus and Davidson secretly reveal to each other backstage that neither were “party monsters”, in spite of their public reputations.

Both admitted to having fake tattoos that they applied each morning, had never taken any recreational drugs and became increasingly more exhausted by having to go live on Instagram, before heading out to continue the party anyway.

Another saw Davidson musing over his unrealistic New Year resolutions, featuring a cameo from US actor Steve Buscemi.

As well as his comedy career, Davidson has become a focus of public attention due to his recent romantic links to reality TV star Kim Kardashian.