Michael Vick made his opinion of the Justin Fields situation clear

The Chicago Bears have a looming quarterback decision that has the whole NFL world talking. Are they going to stick with Justin Fields or are they going to draft a rookie, likely Caleb Williams, with the first overall pick in the 2024 NFL draft? There are compelling arguments for both sides of the ledger.

Michael Vick, a former NFL quarterback who had a ton of success in the league, made his opinion known as many former players have. He seems to think that Fields can be the guy for the Bears.

During a recent appearance on “The Green Light with Chris Long,” Vick shared his thoughts and expectations for Fields heading into 2024.

“I really want him to take that next step,” Vick said. “I think he is more than capable. And I know you can only go as far as what your offensive coordinator give to you. But there is times when you can go outside of that. He is so skilled, they should be in the playoffs or competing to be in the playoffs towards the end of the season.”

Fields plays a very similar style to Vick. He was a pure pocket passer at Ohio State, but he became an athletic mobile quarterback in the NFL with the Bears. Vick, of course, was one of the best to ever play the position like that. You’d think that he knows a thing or two about what it takes to be successful in the spot.

The problem is that Fields hasn’t taken steps as a passer to complement his running game. Vick knows that is important, too, but he still thinks he can lead the Bears to the playoffs. If that is the decision that general manager Ryan Poles comes to, we can only hope that a guy like Vick ends up being right. Or perhaps Fields will find success outside of Chicago.

Story originally appeared on Bears Wire