Miami Marlins miss out on MLB Draft lottery, fall one spot in first round

David Santiago/

There was an opportunity for the Miami Marlins on Tuesday to jump up a few spots in the upcoming 2023 MLB Draft, with the league instituting a draft lottery for the first time.

Instead, they dropped a spot.

The Marlins will have the No. 10 overall pick in next year’s draft, which will take place in July during the All-Star weekend in Seattle.

Without the lottery, which determined the first six picks and included all 18 teams who did not make the playoffs, Miami would have had the No. 9 overall pick in the draft based on their 69-93 record.

But one team below them — the Minnesota Twins, who finished 78-84 and would have picked 13th in any other year — made it into the top six to push Miami down one spot in the draft order.

The top six picks overall: The Pittsburgh Pirates at No. 1, Washington Nationals at No. 2, Detroit Tigers at No. 3, Texas Rangers at No. 4, Twins at No. 5 and Oakland Athletics at No. 6.

The Athletics had the biggest fall, going from No. 2 to No. 6. The Twins had the biggest rise, going up eight spots from No. 13 to No. 5.

This lottery impacts more than just a team’s draft position in the first round. It also has implications for their bonus pool, the amount of signing bonus money they can give to their picks from the top 10 rounds without incurring a penalty.

The difference for Miami is relatively minuscule. The slot value difference between the No. 9 and No. 10 overall pick in the 2022 draft was $219,900 (from $5,202,900 to $4,983,000).

But for the Twins, having the No. 5 overall pick instead of the No. 13 pick would have given them an extra $2,085,200 in their bonus pool.

Full 2023 MLB Draft order

1.) Pittsburgh Pirates

2.) Washington Nationals

3.) Detroit Tigers

4.) Texas Rangers

5.) Minnesota Twins

6.) Oakland Athletics

7.) Cincinnati Reds

8.) Kansas City Royals

9.) Colorado Rockies

10.) Miami Marlins

11.) Los Angeles Angels

12.) Arizona Diamondbacks

13.) Chicago Cubs

14.) Boston Red Sox

15.) Chicago White Sox

16.) San Francisco Giants

17.) Baltimore Orioles

18.) Milwaukee Brewers

19.) Tampa Bay Rays

20.) Toronto Blue Jays

21.) St. Louis Cardinals

22.) New York Mets

23.) Seattle Mariners

24.) Cleveland Guardians

25.) Atlanta Braves

26.) Los Angeles Dodgers

27.) San Diego Padres

28.) New York Yankees

29.) Philadelphia Phillies

30.) Houston Astros