Men over 50 have 60% higher chance of early death than women, says study

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Men aged 50 years and above may have a significantly higher risk of death than women of the same age group. 

This is partly due heavier rates of smoking and heart disease in men, according to a major study of people in 28 countries.

Published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, the study found that the gap in mortality risk among men and women varied across countries.

Different cultural traditions, histories, and economies and societies influence how men and women experience life in different countries, and thus affect the overall health status of men and women. The research kept these factors in mind during the Study.

The data included over 179,000 people across 28 countries and more than half of the participants — 55% — were women.


The study found that men aged 50 and over had a 60% greater risk of death than women.

This could be partly explained by heavier rates of smoking and heart disease in men.

The researchers noted that the findings are consistent with the literature on life expectancy and death rates.


The team recommends that public health policies should account for sex - and gender - based differences and the influence of social and cultural factors on health. 

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