Meghan Markle Targeted in "Hate-for-Profit" Campaign

Back in 2020, Meghan Markle wasn't exaggerating when she revealed she was one of the "most trolled people" in the entire world. The hate continues into the present day, as reports compiled by data analytics service Bot Sentinel state that Markle is the victim of a targeted "hate-for-profit enterprise."

The final report in the series of three entails a category of anti-Meghan YouTube channels, which have amassed a total of 497 million views and garnered an estimated $3.87 million USD in revenue. The top three creators have taken to Twitter to spread misinformation to journalists and royal experts, reportedly earning $494,730 USD from their videos alone. Previous accounts from Bot Sentinel have also discussed the extent to which these hate accounts influence news coverage, citing a combined reach of 17 million users.

The data analytics service made another claim in their report concerning the matter, stating: "It's our opinion that several of the most well-known and active hate accounts were actively targeting journalists and royal commentators to boost their visibility and amplify their hate campaign; in some cases, they were successful." Unfortunately, YouTube tends to reward these coordinated attacks via ad revenue, which are predominately fueled by racist white women between the ages of 38 and 65.