McDonald’s 'Dinner Box' Hack Can Feed Your Whole Family on a Budget

But it’s not the same for every location.

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There's no denying that fast-food prices have increased lately, with McDonald's fans especially calling out this chain for upping the cost of its menu items.

There was controversy over its dollar menu in December after many pointed out several items on the menu well over a dollar. And who can forget the Grimace Birthday Meal that cost a whopping $20 for some?

With the rising prices, it's no wonder fast-food lovers are looking for a good deal wherever they can. Thankfully, one customer recently found a budget-friendly dinner hack at McDonald's that can serve dinner for the whole family for a reasonable price (in some locations).

McDonald’s 'Dinner Box' Hack

TikTok's Leiela Kapewa-Latu recently posted about a family-friendly McDonald's "dinner box" for just $12, and social media blew up.

The self-proclaimed "Bougee Mama On A Budget" bought this feast at a Texas location, which was said to have included two cheeseburgers, four small fries, 10-piece chicken nuggets, and two Big Macs with sauces of their choice. The dinner box did not come with a drink. Everything came packed in a box reminiscent of the Happy Meal.

Even though this option is not on the menu, the video shows Leiela ordering the dinner box at the drive-thru without any confusion from the McDonald's employee. She said she had not ordered this box before but wanted to try it after reading about it online.

Many commenters had plenty to say about this fast-food hack, mainly questioning how they could get a box for this price: "I type in dinner box in my Macdonalds app and it says '0 results.'" Another said, "I called McDonald's the manager didn't know what I was talking about."

Those who could find this dinner box were shocked by the price difference. One person said, "This dinner box is $22 here in Ohio," while another added, "The bundle box in NJ is $25."

We did some digging, and it appears that this so-called "dinner box" is available and can be found in the McDonald's app menu under "Shareables." There is also more than one option to choose from, including the Classic Cheeseburger Pack with two cheeseburgers, 20-piece chicken McNuggets, and two medium fries for $19.59 or the Classic Big Mac Pack with 20-piece chicken McNuggets, two Big Macs, and two medium fries for $24.99.

However, pricing and promotions vary by location, so while one person in Texas can score a $12 box, it doesn't necessarily mean everyone across the U.S. will. 

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