Manny Machado in the middle of benches-clearing argument in NLCS Game 4

Los Angeles Dodgers star Manny Machado just can’t avoid trouble in the National League Championship Series.

When the benches cleared Tuesday night in the 10th inning of Game 4 against the Milwaukee Brewers, of course Machado was in the middle of it. His series had thus far included two controversial slides in Game 3 and a Game 2 grounder he didn’t run out, which led to a Twitterstorm of controversy about his lack of hustle and Machado eventually saying he wasn’t going to change.

This time Machado did run out a grounder — and trouble still found him. In the 10th inning and the score tied 1-1, he grounded to shortstop with one out and was thrown out by Orlando Arcia. But when Machado got to first, he clipped and appeared to kick Brewers first baseman Jesús Aguilar.

The main point of contention here: Machado didn’t make an effort to avoid Aguilar and could have injured him. Aguilar, of course, took exception to it. The two of them jawed at each other, Machado keeping the clash going instead of walking back to the dugout. That’s when the benches cleared.

Manny Machado argues with Jesus Aguilar during NLCS Game 4 at Dodger Stadium. (Getty Images)
Manny Machado argues with Jesus Aguilar during NLCS Game 4 at Dodger Stadium. (Getty Images)

Nobody was ejected, but the judgment of Machado from around baseball was swift and one-sided, with a number of players and ex-players being critical of Machado:

The Dodgers would eventually win the game 2-1 in 13 innings, but not before Machado found the spotlight again. He singled in the 13th, went to second on a passed ball and scored the winning run on a Cody Bellinger single to right field.

When he was on first, he met Aguilar again and they appeared to make up.

After the game, Machado brushed their clash aside saying, “We’re family. Things happen. He’s a great guy. We go way back.”

Still, the rest of the Brewers weren’t as forgiving, with Christian Yelich calling Machado a “dirty player” and even worse.

As for Machado?

Game 5 oughta be interesting.

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