Man has new perspective on life after surviving mass shooting in Las Vegas

Kamini Ramdeen,

Ben Daish, a Chicago native, evaded and survived the barrage of bullets streaming down from shooter Stephen Paddock’s 32nd floor Mandalay Bay Hotel room on Sunday evening in Las Vegas -- and has since garnered a new appreciation for life.

“People started hitting the ground, one woman said ‘I’m hit’ when I saw the bullet in her leg,” Daish told KTVI. “Someone tackled me and hovered over me for like 30 seconds and then up and ran.”

As chaos erupted throughout the crowd of concert-goers, many pushed, shoved and trampled their way out of the open space in an attempt to save their lives.

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In heading to Route 91 Harvest festival, many anticipated a weekend of music in the desert.

Daish made plans with friends and family to visit Las Vegas before attending a finance conference in St. Louis.

At the festival, Daish bought a bracelet from a stranger. Following the massacre, he's kept the bracelet on, saying it protected him.


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“It just got faster and faster pop pop pop pop,” Daish recalled. “This [bracelet] is my divine shield I think this helped me live.”

Reflecting on the events of that unforeseen and tragic day, Daish relishes in a new life purpose after surviving what could have been certain death.

“I want to be a better person and be there for the people who need me,” he said.

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