Man City 2-1 Manchester United LIVE! FA Cup final result, match stream, latest updates today

Man City 2-1 Manchester United LIVE! FA Cup final result, match stream, latest updates today

FA Cup Final LIVE!

Manchester City captain Ilkay Gundogan scored twice to beat city rivals Manchester United at Wembley and win the FA Cup. The midfielder scored after just 13 seconds and then again in the second half to cancel out Bruno Fernandes' equaliser from the penalty spot.

United never really recovered from City's blistering start to the game, with City largely keeping their rivals at bay until VAR gifted them an equaliser in controversial fashion. Jack Grealish was penalised for handball in the area after Aaron Wan-Bissaka’s header flicked off his fingers, allowing Bruno Fernandes to duly slot home.

But that is as good as it got for United, who fell behind again shortly after the start of the second half. Substitutes Alejandro Garnacho and Scott McTominay went close late on, but City held on to complete the second half of what they hope will be a Treble come next week. Read our FA Cup Final blog back below.

FA Cup Final highlights

  • GOAL! Gundogan doubles up!

  • GOAL! Fernandes levels from the spot

  • GOAL! Gundogan scores after 13 seconds

  • How to watch match for FREE today

  • Prediction: City to down rivals in Treble hunt

Manchester City FC 2 - 1 Manchester United FC

17:28 , Alex Young

Manchester City, your FA Cup winners this season.

Thanks for following along today. Same time next week for the Champions League final?


17:10 , Alex Young

Harry Maguire lets Bruno Fernandes lead United up the Wembley steps to collect their runners-up medals.

17:04 , Alex Young

Manchester United players fall to the floor as City players run over to their fans to celebrate. Guardiola looks quite emotional.

That’s a Premier League and FA Cup double sorted. The Treble to come next week?

FULL-TIME: Man City 2-1 Manchester United

17:00 , Alex Young

97min: Manchester City have won the FA Cup!

Two down, one to go. Probably the easiest one left, too.


Man City 2-1 Manchester United

16:58 , Alex Young

96min: Haaland wins a corner and roars in celebration. This should be it.

Man City 2-1 Manchester United

16:57 , Alex Young

95min: Laporte replaces Walker.

Man City 2-1 Manchester United

16:56 , Alex Young

94min: Into the final minute and Walker hits the deck. He’ll need a physio.


16:56 , Alex Young

92min: McTominay within inches of an unlikely equaliser through a looping header, which Stones heads away under the cross bar.

Cue panic in the area as players rush to the goal line as Ortega concedes a corner off a McTominay header.

Man City 2-1 Manchester United

16:54 , Alex Young

91min: United win a free kick off Foden on the halfway line. Every player storms up the pitch waiting for a long punt into the area.

Man City 2-1 Manchester United

16:52 , Alex Young

90min: Four minutes added on.

Man City 2-1 Manchester United

16:52 , Alex Young

89min: Grealish makes way for Ake as we enter the final minute.

Man City 2-1 Manchester United

16:49 , Alex Young

87min: Ake is being readied.

Man City 2-1 Manchester United

16:49 , Alex Young

86min: Garnacho has made such an impact but can’t quite get past Rodri as he jinks into the area and near the touchline.

Time is running out for United.

Man City 2-1 Manchester United

16:48 , Alex Young

85min: Haaland almost with his customary goal after the ball is cleared into him and spins narrowly past De Gea’s right-hand post.

Ten Hag is screaming at his players on the touchline.

Man City 2-1 Manchester United

16:46 , Alex Young

83min: McTominay is on for Lindelof in United’s final change (unless there’s extra time).

Man City 2-1 Manchester United

16:44 , Alex Young

81min: Akanji is a whisker away from tucking home at the back post as the City fans start to down out their United counterparts.

A quite stunning touch from Foden to control the ball before it’s fired across goal. Shaw does well to mop up.

Man City 2-1 Manchester United

16:41 , Alex Young

78min: Weghorst replaces Sancho. Can the striker score his third goal in his 31st appearance for United? They need him to.

Man City 2-1 Manchester United

16:40 , Alex Young

77min: Ten Hag has called for Weghorst. There are levels to this game.

Sancho’s time may be up.

Man City 2-1 Manchester United

16:39 , Alex Young

76min: Foden replaces De Bruyne.

Hmm. One eye on next week, perhaps? This game is not settled just yet.

Dom Smith at Wembley

16:38 , Alex Young

United really pushing hard for a leveller now. Garnacho, off the bench, has made a real impact.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Man City 2-1 Manchester United

16:37 , Alex Young

74min: Foden is warming up.

Man City 2-1 Manchester United

16:36 , Alex Young

72min: Up the other end, Garnacho is inches wide with a fine curling effort from the edge of the area.

He may have skimmed the post, it was so close. United still threatening with just one goal in it.


16:35 , Alex Young

71min: Gundogan thinks he has a hat-trick after Haaland’s strike is saved, but the offside flag is quickly raised.

Man City 2-1 Manchester United

16:32 , Alex Young

69min: Ooof, United’s best passage of play of the half, involving Sancho and Fernandes, ends with Rashford blazing over from the edge of the area.

That was a chance, and he rushed it.

Man City 2-1 Manchester United

16:30 , Alex Young

67min: Garnacho gets on the ball for the first time as United look to start a counter but it’s short-lived as Stones quickly mops up.

He’s been superb today.

Man City 2-1 Manchester United

16:28 , Alex Young

64min: United are back to chasing shadows and there are plenty of glum-looking faces in the United end.

Stones is the latest for a pop at goal, but his shot sails a good 15 yards high and wide.

Looks like Fernandes is now more central since Garnacho’s introduction.

Man City 2-1 Manchester United

16:25 , Alex Young

62min: De Bruyne does his trademark drive into the area, slightly on the angle, and fires low at goal which De Gea saves with his feet.

Garnacho replaces Eriksen in the game’s first change. Sancho playing on borrowed time.

Man City 2-1 Manchester United

16:22 , Alex Young

60min: Oh, Erik must be reading the blog. Garnacho sent to warm up.

Man City 2-1 Manchester United

16:21 , Alex Young

58min: You wonder when Ten Hag will turn to Garnacho. United need another outlet on the break.

Eriksen is also looking tired, and Fred is hardly impressing. Time for McTominay, too?

Man City 2-1 Manchester United

16:19 , Alex Young

55min: Fred dives in late on Stones to give away a free kick. He must be one more away from a yellow card.

Dom Smith at Wembley

16:15 , Alex Young

What a fabulous player Gundogan turns into at the business end of seemingly every season. From Kevin De Bruyne’s wide free-kick, he volleys down, into the ground, and in.

De Gea should save it and will be criticised for not having done so, but what a performance from Gundogan. And what a goal. Again.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

GOAL! Man City 2-1 Manchester United

16:15 , Alex Young

51min: He can’t stop scoring! Gundogan has done it again, volleying home De Bruyne’s fairly hopeful cross to the edge of the area!

It bounces a couple of times and out of De Gea’s reach. A real training ground move.

Man City 1-1 Manchester United

16:13 , Alex Young

49min: Heart-in-mouth time for United defenders as Haaland is almost found inside the area after fine work by Bernardo, but the ball spins behind the striker.

Cue groans from the City end.

Dom Smith at Wembley

16:11 , Alex Young

Very bitty start to this second half. Lots of misplaced passes and unforced errors.

Neither team has really taken control since returning from the tunnel yet.

16:11 , Alex Young

47min: Sancho jinks his way into the box after just a minute, but is crowded out as he looks to pull the trigger.

Second half: Man City 1-1 Manchester United

16:08 , Alex Young

46min: Back underway!

No changes for either team.

16:03 , Alex Young

United ended the half stronger, with Rashford particularly lively. Haaland is yet to proper get into the game, which United will be more than aware of.

With the way City retreated in the first half, I cannot predict what’s to come. A big second half is imminent.

Dom Smith’s half-time thoughts

15:55 , Alex Young

So, it’s all square at the break in an FA Cup final which got off to a remarkable start with Ilkay Gundogan scoring after just 13 seconds.

United took a while to respond, but eventually did with a big helping hand from Jack Grealish’s, well, hand and a VAR intervention, with Bruno Fernandes scoring from the penalty spot.

All to play for in the second half.

 (Manchester City FC via Getty Ima)
(Manchester City FC via Getty Ima)

Half-time! Man City 1-1 Manchester United

15:52 , Alex Young

50min: The final act of the half sees De Bruyne float a free kick into De Gea’s arms.

Man City 1-1 Manchester United

15:51 , Alex Young

49min: Wan-Bissaka gets the first yellow of the game for taking out Grealish. That’s sloppy.

Man City 1-1 Manchester United

15:49 , Alex Young

47min: Half a sight of goal from Rashford after Walker’s clearance off Fred falls to the striker, but he is quickly crowded out.

United pushing as we approach half-time.

Man City 1-1 Manchester United

15:47 , Alex Young

45min: Four minutes added on at the end of the first half.

Dom Smith at Wembley

15:46 , Alex Young

The atmosphere has fallen away somewhat in the closing stages of this first half. It feels as though that might be because of anxiety about which side gets the next goal.

Both sides making it their mission not to concede before the break.


Man City 1-1 Manchester United

15:45 , Alex Young

43min: Oof! That’s a chance!

Fred heads on the corner delivery and Varane connects with a side-footed volley, and blazes it over.

A centre-back finish, that.

Man City 1-1 Manchester United

15:44 , Alex Young

42min: Rashford wins a corner after United work it well on the counter down the left.

Man City 1-1 Manchester United

15:42 , Alex Young

40min: Now City want a penalty as De Bruyne goes down as Fred clears the ball from inside the United area.

I’ve no idea if that should be a penalty or not after Grealish’s handball, but you’ve seen them given!

Man City 1-1 Manchester United

15:40 , Alex Young

38min: City straight back on the front foot and De Bruyne almost carves open an opportunity with a glorious outside-of-the-boot cross towards the back post, but Lindelof is there to head clear.

Dom Smith at Wembley

15:38 , Alex Young

Whether the penalty ought to have been awarded or not can be debated this way and that (and no doubt will), but from United’s perspective that’s just the ticket and from City’s it’s a killer. Can City respond?

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Man City 1-1 Manchester United

15:37 , Alex Young

35min: So, United are back in it out of nowhere. There will be plenty of debate after the game about that decision, should City not now lift the trophy.

De Bruyne tries to restore City’s lead almost immediately with a hopeful lob to the back post, but it’s not troubling De Gea.


15:34 , Alex Young

33min: Fernandes makes no mistake from 12 yards! He sends Ortega the wrong way.


15:33 , Alex Young

31min: It’s given!

That looks harsh on Grealish but I guess it’s the rules now, right?

“From my angle the offender looked mightily close to Wan-Bissak,” reports Dom Smith. “Hard to see how City gained an unfair advantage through Grealish there. Harsh.”

Man City 1-0 Manchester United

15:32 , Alex Young

30min: Hold on. VAR check for a Grealish handball in the area. Will this be a penalty to United?

Paul Tierney going to the monitor to check.

Man City 1-0 Manchester United

15:30 , Alex Young

28min: Another City chance as De Bruyne takes the ball in his stride and thumps a low effort at goal from the edge of the area, but it whistles past De Dea’s left-hand post.

Guardiola applauds.

Man City 1-0 Manchester United

15:29 , Alex Young

26min: In the stands, Sir Alex Ferguson is sat with Avram Glazer. Neither enjoying what they are seeing.

Man City 1-0 Manchester United

15:28 , Alex Young

25min: Up the other end, De Gea is down receiving treatment. He looks like he’ll be OK to continue, if the handshake with the physio is anything to go by.

Man City 1-0 Manchester United

15:26 , Alex Young

24min: The closest United have come as Rashford tries to direct a difficult Casemiro punt into the area on target, and fails.

Rashford is frustrated at the quality of the delivery, and you can’t blame him.

Man City 1-0 Manchester United

15:23 , Alex Young

21min: Another chance for Haaland, who takes the ball with his back to ball around 35 yards out, easily moves away from Varane - which is saying something - below letting fly from the edge of the area. Shot flies over.

Man City 1-0 Manchester United

15:20 , Alex Young

18min: De Gea will need to be better with his distribution today. He has three players to pick from as he looks to boot the ball up field, but ends up only finding opposite number Ortega.

Man City 1-0 Manchester United

15:19 , Alex Young

17min: That’s a chance for Haaland.

The striker is quickest to react as Gundogan fizzes a low ball across the six-yard box, which striker meets but it’s a tame effort straight at De Gea.

15:18 , Alex Young

16min: It’s worth noting that City are yet to concede in the FA Cup this season - that’s the level of the task facing United, even before Gundogan’s opener.

They haven’t conceded more than one goal in any game since January.

15:16 , Alex Young

13min: Oof, that’s a bit risky from Casemiro on Akanji.

The defender is wiped out by the United midfielder, and escapes punishment. Akanji will be OK.

15:13 , Alex Young

11min: Does United’s game plan change now? It’s unlikely. They’ve effectively started 1-0 down, but Ten Hag will not be rushing to switch things up so early.

Though some possession wouldn’t go amiss.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

15:11 , Alex Young

9min: Ten Hag is already shrugging on the touchline and shaking his head, but I think it’s at the referee after Fernandes is penalised when jumping for a cross inside the City area.

15:10 , Alex Young

6min: United are chasing shadows. De Bruyne and Rodri just passing around them at the moment as United’s three-man midfield desperately try to get a foot in.

This is already looking ominous and City fans are doing the Poznan.

Dom Smith at Wembley

15:07 , Alex Young

“Goodness gracious me. I barely saw that opener from Manchester City. A scorching volley from Ilkay Gundogan just 13 seconds into the match.

“I cannot hear myself think through the chants of “CITY, CITY, CITY” from the wall of blue on my right. It’s barely worth mentioning that United obviously had no chance to settle themselves before pinching themselves at 1-0 down.”

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

15:06 , Alex Young

3min: Wembley is stunned, United are stunned, I think even City are stunned.

Revised goal time of 13 seconds.

Rodri now flashes a header from 12 yards inches past the post.


15:04 , Alex Young

1min: Oh my wooooooooord! Gundogan has ALREADY scored!

There’s about 15 seconds on the clock. It’s a loose ball near the edge of the area, and Gundogan has just put his boot through it.

Fastest goal in FA Cup final history, you’ll be unsurprised to learn.


15:01 , Alex Young

1min: Here we go!

14:58 , Alex Young

National anthem time now Prince William has done the pre-match handshakes.

14:54 , Alex Young

Here comes the trophy, being held by Sir Alex Ferguson and Mike Summerbee. Two giants of the game and of Manchester as a city.

Famous faces

14:52 , Alex Young

David Beckham and his chef son Brooklyn have just been pictured by the TV cameras. Liam Gallagher also there, supporting the Blue half of Manchester.

There’s some atmosphere at Wembley.

Goosebumps for Dom Smith

14:49 , Alex Young

Roaring rendition of Abide With Me. Now it really does feel like an FA Cup final.

Shooting practice

14:43 , Alex Young

Final preparations at Wembley.

Bruno Fernandes scored when these two met in the league in January. Same again today?

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Pep Guardiola to BBC One

14:30 , Alex Young

"We have spoken about what we have to do to try and win the game. It's two teams from the same city and that makes it very nice for the first time in the history of the FA Cup.

"I'm not thinking about [the Champions League final] next Saturday, it's just about today and then we see what happens.

"It's the FA Cup final, it's so attractive. The players could be thinking about the Champions League if we were in the Premier League and had already won the title but this is the FA Cup final."

 (The FA via Getty Images)
(The FA via Getty Images)

Dom Smith at Wembley

14:25 , Alex Young

“I just hope they’re saving the best pre-match tunes for closer to kick-off because it’s all a bit niche from the loudspeaker at the moment.

“Meanwhile, the clouds have abated and the sun has crept onto the Wembley turf. Plenty of flags being waved around the ground, with kick off just under 40 minutes away now.”


Bruno Fernandes to BBC One

14:23 , Alex Young

“It is a big game. We want to win the game, it doesn’t matter who is the opponent. We know the derby means a lot for the fans and us too.

“We have prepared for the game in the normal way knowing this is a final and the result has to be on your side. We want to bring the trophy back to Old Trafford. We want to give our fans joy and end the season in the best way possible.”

 (Manchester United via Getty Images)
(Manchester United via Getty Images)

Changes, changes, changes

14:18 , Alex Young

So, for City, Guardiola has been able to go full strength with Jack Grealish, Kevin De Bruyne, Manuel Akanji and Ruben Dias all coming back into the team in four changes.

All four were left out of the squad for last Sunday's defeat to Brentford.

Guardiola, as expected, has stuck with Stefan Ortega in goal in place of Ederson, with the German having played in every previous round up to the final.

It’s also four changes for Manchester United.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Raphael Varane, Luke Shaw and Christian Eriksen come in for Diogo Dalot, Harry Maguire, Tyrell Malacia and Alejandro Garnacho.

Dom Smith on the teams

14:11 , Alex Young

No surprises in either team.

It feels sensible for Manchester United to push Eriksen further forward and use Fred and Casemiro as the double pivot. It will provide extra defensive solidity to deal with the Treble-chasers.

 (Manchester United via Getty Images)
(Manchester United via Getty Images)

Teams in full

14:08 , Alex Young

Manchester City XI: Ortega Moreno, Walker, Stones, Dias, Akanji, Rodrigo, De Bruyne, Gundogan, Bernardo, Grealish, Haaland

Subs: Ederson, Phillips, Ake, Laporte, Alvarez, Mahrez, Foden, Palmer, Lewis

Manchester United: De Gea, Wan-Bissaka, Varane, Lindelof, Shaw, Fred, Casemiro, Eriksen, Sancho, Fernandes, Rashford

Subs: Butland, Dalot, Maguire, Malacia, McTominay, Pellistri, Elanga, Garnacho, Weghorst


Manchester United XI

14:02 , Alex Young

...and Manchester United!

Man City XI

14:00 , Alex Young

Here’s how the Premier League champions look.

13:56 , Alex Young

Team news is imminent.

 (The FA via Getty Images)
(The FA via Getty Images)

Man City route to the final

13:50 , Alex Young

Here's how Manchester City made it to Wembley today.

Man City 4 Chelsea 0 (third round, Jan 8)

Man City 1 Arsenal 0 (fourth round, Jan 27)

Bristol City 0 Man City 3 (fifth round, Feb 28)

Man City 6 Burnley 0 (quarter-finals, Mar 18)

Man City 3 Sheff Utd 0 (semi-finals, Apr 22)

Not a single goal conceded.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Man United route to the final

13:45 , Alex Young

Manchester United are through to a record-equalling 21st FA Cup final, here's how they got there.

Man Utd 3 Everton 1 (third round, Jan 6)

Man Utd 3 Reading 1 (fourth round, Jan 28)

Man Utd 3 West Ham 1 (fifth round, March 1)

Man Utd 3 Fulham 1 (quarter-finals, March 19)

Man Utd 0 Brighton 0 - United win 7-6 on pens (semi-finals, April 23)

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Dom Smith on Wembley Way

13:39 , Alex Young

Here’s our man on the ground.

Dom Smith checks in

13:34 , Alex Young

Wembley is very gradually filling up with supporters in sky blue and red. Sense of anticipation about the first-ever Manchester derby FA Cup final.


Where the final will be won and lost

13:27 , Alex Young

Dom Smith, at Wembley for us today, has run the rule over the key battles we are expected to see today.

Here’s one.

Erling Haaland v Victor Lindelof

City’s star striker has scored 52 goals in all competitions in an astounding first season in English football, and netted a hat-trick when City thrashed United 6-3 in October. Although United then kept Haaland out in the return fixture, it was Raphael Varane and Luke Shaw at the heart of defence, rather than Lindelof. While Haaland will no doubt target Lindelof rather than 6ft 3in Varane, the Swede has filled in well while Lisandro Martinez is out injured.

Read the rest here!


Trophy friends

13:19 , Alex Young

Emirates, of course, sponsor the FA Cup. The trophy has some friends from the airline this afternoon with some flight attendants.

 (The FA via Getty Images)
(The FA via Getty Images)

FA Cup final match odds

13:11 , Alex Young

It looks like the trophy is heading to east Manchester this afternoon.

Man City to lift trophy: 1/4

Man United to lift trophy: 3/1

What do you think?

 (The FA via Getty Images)
(The FA via Getty Images)

Head to head (h2h) history and results

13:02 , Alex Young

Manchester United won the most recent encounter, 2-1 at Old Trafford, but City won the three previous via an aggregate score of 12-4.

Interestingly, United have won five of their last six FA Cup games against City.

Man City wins: 58

Draws: 53

Man United wins: 78

Who gets the win today?

Prediction: City to down rivals in Treble hunt

12:51 , Alex Young

There is no team more likely to beat Manchester City in the FA Cup, and deny them a famous treble, than Manchester United (well, maybe Tottenham away), but I can’t see it happening this time.

A much-changed team lost to Brentford last time out, but City by and large come up trumps when required to, and their superiority across the pitch will shine through. Plus, Erling Haaland.

City to win 3-1.


Predicted lineups

12:45 , Alex Young

Manchester City XI (3-2-4-1): Ortega; Walker, Dias, Akanji; Stones, Rodri; Silva, De Bruyne, Gundogan, Grealish; Haaland

Manchester United XI (4-2-3-1): De Gea; Wan-Bissaka, Varane, Lindelof, Shaw; Casemiro, Eriksen; Garnacho, Fernandes, Sancho; Rashford


Man City team news: De Bruyne and Grealish return

12:39 , Alex Young

Kevin de Bruyne and Jack Grealish are both fit to start today after shaking off fitness fears.

Neither have played since May 17, with City since winning the Premier League and then concluding the league season, but are due to come back into the team today. Pep Guardiola said on Friday: “They trained well last two sessions. They are all of them more or less fine.”

Ruben Dias and Manuel Akanji should also return, with back-up goalkeeper Stefan Ortega keeping his place ahead of Ederson.

Ortega has started all domestic cup competitions this season and his inclusion is a big call after Zack Steffen's high-profile mistakes in last year's semi-final defeat by Liverpool.

“He is going to play," said Guardiola. “I have always been like that in the FA Cup. At Barcelona and Bayern as well. The keeper who plays in the FA Cup is going to play.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Man United team news: Antony to miss out

12:26 , Alex Young

Manchester United winger Antony is expected to miss out today.

The Brazilian was stretched off against Chelsea last week, forcing him to set out the win over Fulham on the final weekend of the Premier League season.

It had been hoped that Antony would shake off the injury in time, but Erik ten Hag was downbeat on the chances this week. He said:

Anthony Martial has already been ruled out due to a hamstring injury and Lisandro Martinez is also out, so Victor Lindelof will partner Raphael Varane at centre-back.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Luke Shaw and Christian Eriksen were rested for the win over Fulham last weekend but all three are expected to return.


How to watch FA Cup Final for FREE

12:18 , Alex Young

TV channel: In the UK, the game will be televised live for free on BBC One and ITV 1.

Live stream: UK viewers will be able to watch live online for free via BBC iPlayer and ITV X, available via their websites or app.


12:13 , Alex Young

Good afternoon and welcome to the Evening Standard’s LIVE coverage of the FA Cup Final between Manchester City and Manchester United.

Remarkably, this is the first time in 142 FA Cup Finals that Manchester’s main two have met as both sets of fans head down the M6 amid train strikes across the country.

City are looking to complete the second leg of a famous Treble, and there’s no team more desperate than United to stop that happening.

United, meanwhile, are looking to win both domestic cups in the same season for the first time after winning the Carabao Cup earlier this season.

Kick-off at Wembley is at 3pm BST. Stick with us.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)