Man City vs Brentford LIVE! Premier League result, match stream and latest updates today

Man City vs Brentford LIVE! Premier League result, match stream and latest updates today

Manchester City vs Brentford - LIVE!

Erling Haaland came to Manchester City's rescue as the off-colour champions eked out a nervy 1-0 win over Brentford in the Premier League on Tuesday. The prolific Norwegian, who spurned a host of chances in a frustrating draw with Chelsea at the weekend, returned to form as he broke the deadlock in a tight encounter at the Etihad Stadium after 71 minutes.

The win lifted City above Arsenal into second in the table, one point behind leaders Liverpool, having played the same number of games in what is shaping up to be a tight title race.

Pep Guardiola's side dominated the first half, but the second period was proving a frustrating affair until Haaland broke clear of the Bees defence to slot home a fine finish. Brentford were the last team to beat City at home in November 2022 and, having also tested them in a 3-1 loss earlier this month, again caused them problems.

Man City vs Brentford latest news

  • FT: Man City close gap to Liverpool

  • NO GOAL! Offside flag denies Haaland second

  • GOAL! Haaland gives City much-needed opener

FT: Man City 1-0 Brentford

21:26 , Matt Verri

There is the full-time whistle.

Not as comfortable as City would have liked, but it’s job done.

Back to winning ways and they are now just a point behind Premier League leaders Liverpool.


Man City 1-0 Brentford

21:25 , Matt Verri

90+7 mins: It’s a yellow card for Flekken!

Ball clipped to the back post, nodded down and Flekken boots Rodri as he tries to shoot.

Not used to being there....

Man City 1-0 Brentford

21:24 , Matt Verri

90+6 mins: Corner for Brentford, this is it.

Up comes Flekken!

Man City 1-0 Brentford

21:22 , Matt Verri

90+3 mins: Foden is running the show now.

Lovely turn, he cuts it back for Haaland and he sends an effort straight at Flekken. Big chance.

And another one seconds later. Foden clips the ball into his path, but Haaland can’t bring it down when completely free in the area.

Man City 1-0 Brentford

21:20 , Matt Verri

90+1 mins: How has Foden not made it 2-0?!

Skips into the box, round the goalkeeper... actually it’s brilliant at Flekken.

At full stretch he gets a touch, just as Foden looked certain to roll the ball into an empty net.

Man City 1-0 Brentford

21:19 , Matt Verri

90 mins: Six minutes added on.

City aren’t there yet...

Man City 1-0 Brentford

21:17 , Matt Verri

88 mins: Great save from Flekken.

Foden drifts into the box, lashes a strike at goal and it’s tipped over. That was flying into the top corner.

Man City 1-0 Brentford

21:14 , Matt Verri

86 mins: No real pace in the game now, Brentford not showing any real ambition to find an equaliser.

They can barely find the ball right now.

Man City 1-0 Brentford

21:11 , Matt Verri

82 mins: Walker goes in late on Maupay, earns himself a yellow card.

I would suggest Walker knew exactly what he was doing there...

Man City 1-0 Brentford

21:09 , Matt Verri

81 mins: It is indeed offside, Brentford still have hope.

Bees look very tired now though, not much in terms of an attacking threat.


21:08 , Matt Verri

Is that a second for City?

Ball switched out to Walker, he squares it and Haaland can’t miss from two yards out.

Flag goes up though.

Man City 1-0 Brentford

21:07 , Matt Verri

78 mins: City fans are clearly keen for their side to push for a second - not sure the players are.

All about control now - don’t want to risk anything on the counter.

Man City 1-0 Brentford

21:04 , Matt Verri

75 mins: City happy to slow things right down.

Playing at walking pace, knocking the ball between each other. Brentford showing little interest in pressing.

Man City 1-0 Brentford

21:02 , Matt Verri

73 mins: Ball over the top, Flekken swings at thin air and lets it roll into the area before picking it up.

I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that was deliberate.

GOAL! Man City 1-0 Brentford | Erling Haaland 71'

21:00 , Matt Verri


Haaland has barely had a kick since half-time, but he’s delivered.

Clean through on goal, Ajer slips and it’s Haaland vs Flekken. Only one winner.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

20:59 , Matt Verri

70 mins: Wonder if we might hear Guardiola somewhat criticise the home fans in his post-match press conference.

It is incredibly edgy, eruption of groans whenever the ball doesn’t find a City player.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

20:57 , Matt Verri

68 mins: Toney catches Dias as the pair challenge in the air - now he’s booked. Another questionable decision.

Brentford do make that change. Wissa off, Maupay on.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

20:55 , Matt Verri

67 mins: Maupay is waiting to come on for the visitors.

Not sure an already frustrated City side will be too thrilled to see him.

Mee finally up again after getting some treatment, Maupay has put his bib back on. Might be a change of plan for Brentford.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

20:53 , Matt Verri

65 mins: Silva dinks a ball to the back post, Haaland can’t quite get there.

Brentford then win yet another cheap free-kick, as Mee goes down. The Etihad is close to boiling point.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

20:50 , Matt Verri

61 mins: Wissa slightly high as he catches Dias, earns himself a yellow card. That’s pretty harsh.

Silva again the man over the free-kick. Tries to square it, instead boots it straight out of play!

Bobb is off, Doku on as Guardiola makes his first change.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

20:46 , Matt Verri

58 mins: Silva swings in a cross, Rodri gets up in the middle but his header is well off target.

Guardiola swinging his arms around, he wants more noise from the home supporters.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

20:44 , Matt Verri

55 mins: City fans getting very frustrated, as Wissa flops over and gets the decision.

Ball floated into the box, bounces around and it’s a real mess... until Foden smacks it up the pitch.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

20:42 , Matt Verri

53 mins: Toney again does so well up front, holding the ball up and winning a cheap free-kick as Dias drags him down.

Gets Brentford up the pitch - badly needed.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

20:38 , Matt Verri

50 mins: Big chance for Brentford to break, after Foden is caught on the edge of the box from a corner.

Onyeka leading the charge, Toney wants to be played through the middle but it goes wide instead.

Moment goes, as City get back players back to clear.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

20:37 , Matt Verri

48 mins: Quickly slipped back into the expected pattern. Brentford have everyone back, deep behind the ball.

City passing it side to side, not much pace to their attack though.

Back underway!

20:34 , Matt Verri

Up and running again at the Etihad.

First-half stats...

20:26 , Matt Verri

Best part of 70% of possession for Man City.

They have already had 17 shots, six of those on target. Six corners too, but they have all been comfortably dealt with by Brentford.

The Bees have had a couple of efforts on target themselves, with Frank Onyeka forcing Ederson into two saves.

HT: Man City 0-0 Brentford

20:19 , Matt Verri

Mee joins him in the book, after booting the ball away. Entirely pointless.

Anyway, that’s half-time.

City have had plenty of dangerous moments, but Brentford have kept them at bay. So far, so good for the Bees.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Man City 0-0 Brentford

20:17 , Matt Verri

45+1 mins: Two minutes added on.

Yellow card for Stones, he slides in late and brings Wissa down.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

20:15 , Matt Verri

44 mins: Dias of all people pops up in the City box after a slick move, gets the shot away but it’s comfortable enough for Flekken at his near post.

That’s already five saves from the Brenford goalkeeper.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

20:14 , Matt Verri

43 mins: First Brentford attack in a long, long time.

Cross swung in from deep, Onyeka gets up well in the middle and he forces Ederson into a decent save.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

20:12 , Matt Verri

41 mins: Brief VAR check, after Zanka goes down from a corner. Rodri was the man next to him - did he throw an elbow?

No. On we go.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

20:10 , Matt Verri

39 mins: Another City corner coming up, as Akanji’s strike is deflected behind.

Haaland is in a wrestling match in the middle, as Alvarez’s corner swings straight out of play.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

20:08 , Matt Verri

37 mins: OFF THE LINE!

Sensational from Mee. Ball rolls for Bobb, he’s so calm in taking a touch inside.

His shot beats Flekken, but Mee has got back and keeps it out right on the line.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

20:07 , Matt Verri

36 mins: It’s all City now, Brentford hanging on. Akanji’s strike from miles out is tipped over.

Ball stood up to the back post, Haaland makes a nuisance of himself and that creates the space for Dias.

Free header, Flekken with yet another save.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

20:05 , Matt Verri

34 mins: Nearly!

Rodri clips a lovely ball wide to Walker, who makes a brilliant run.

He heads the ball back across the face of goal, Silva is there and he somehow nods wide. Had to score!

Man City 0-0 Brentford

20:02 , Matt Verri

31 mins: Lovely pass from Akanji, Bobb is in behind the City defence.

He’s caught Foden and Haaland charging forward in support in the middle, but the cut-back is behind both of them.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

19:59 , Matt Verri

28 mins: City fans screaming at Alvarez to shoot, as space opens up for him just outside the area.

He obliges, flashing a shot just wide of the far post. Brentford doing a good job of limiting City to shots from distance.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

19:55 , Matt Verri

25 mins: Outrageous pass out from Ederson, sets Alvarez away down the right.

Nobody else is up in a City shirt though, so Alvarez has to slow down and turn back. Home fans growing frustrated.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

19:53 , Matt Verri

22 mins: Ball over the top for Wissa, who has basically the entire City half to himself.

That’s probably a decent clue he’s offside, but on we go. Terrible touch, Wissa heads the ball straight to Ederson as he tries to nod it into his path.

And now the flag goes up.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

19:50 , Matt Verri

19 mins: Reguilon lays it off for Toney to slightly change the angle, and the striker fires a shot just over the bar!

Think Ederson had it covered anyway, but it was well-worked by the visitors.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

19:49 , Matt Verri

18 mins: Brentford having a really good spell.

Onyeka again gets well forward, pokes the ball away from Dias and draws the foul. Free-kick in a great position for Toney.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

19:47 , Matt Verri

16 mins: Big chance for Brentford!

It’s a slick counter, Onyeka is played clean through on goal.

Even Walker can’t catch him, but it’s a tame effort straight at Ederson.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

19:45 , Matt Verri

14 mins: Haaland down in the box, very hopeful appeals for a penalty. Mainly from the stands.

He looks particularly determined tonight though, does Haaland. Keen to bounce back after his weekend struggles.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

19:42 , Matt Verri

11 mins: More like it from Brentford.

Toney drops deep, slides a great pass through and Wissa is very nearly in on goal. Stones slides in and hooks the ball away.

Comes to Reguilon, shanks a shot high and wide from a tight angle.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

19:40 , Matt Verri

9 mins: Already feels like the first goal might not be far away.

Flekken forced into another save, as Foden’s deflected strike tests him. Haaland then flicks a header over the bar.

One-way traffic.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

19:38 , Matt Verri

7 mins: Flekken palms the corner out to the edge of the box, where Foden smashes a great effort back at goal.

Caught that really sweetly, but Mee was there to block.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

19:37 , Matt Verri

6 mins: Every outfield player is basically within ten yards of the Brentford box.

Alvarez bundles his way into the box, surrounded by Brentford shirts. Has to settle for a corner.

Man City 0-0 Brentford

19:34 , Matt Verri

3 mins: It will not surprise you to hear City are dominating possession in the early stages. Brentford have barely had a kick.

Patient as ever from the hosts. Haaland looks to flick a pass through to Foden, can’t find his team-mate.

Haaland makes up for it, charges after the ball and wins it back. Curls an effort at goal from distance, comfortable save.


19:31 , Matt Verri

We’re up and running at the Etihad!

Here we go!

19:28 , Matt Verri

Teams are out onto the pitch.

This is not a fixture that Man City have enjoyed very often, Brentford have made a habit of upsetting the odds.


Bold claim from Guardiola

19:24 , Matt Verri

Pep Guardiola has said Brentford are the best team from set-pieces he has “ever seen”.

Fair to guess then that the City players have been told tonight is not the night to give away any cheap corners.

Players will be in the tunnel any minute.

"We need to defend very well"

19:17 , Matt Verri

Pre-match thoughts from Thomas Frank...

Guardiola on defensive concerns

19:12 , Matt Verri

City on a 15-match unbeaten run, but they have only kept six clean sheets during that time.

They have not looked quite as convincing at the back as we have become used to, but Pep Guardiola is not drawing extra attention to it.

"We love to have clean sheets," said Guardiola. "All the teams want it and we are no exception.

"But I don't go to them and say: 'You have to get clean sheets.' If I say 'just clean sheets' they forget to play and forget what they have to do.

"What they have to do is defend better - concede few, attack better and create more chances."

Brentford have done it before...

19:02 , Matt Verri

Man City were unbeaten at home in 2023 in all competitions.

It’s a special record, and they are yet to taste defeat at the Etihad this year either.

City’s last defeat at home came on the November 12 2022, against.... Brentford. Ivan Toney struck a 98th-minute winner that day.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Not long now!

18:55 , Matt Verri

Just over 30 minutes to go until kick-off at the Etihad.

The Brentford players have been out for an early look at the pitch - they didn’t hang around too long in the rain.

Guardiola expecting tough night

18:49 , Matt Verri

Pep Guardiola has praised “exceptional” Brentford, believing his side will be tested once again tonight.

The Bees beat Man City home and away last season.

“We created a lot against Chelsea when lately few teams created chances against them but it doesn’t make [this match] easier because the games against Brentford in the past have always been so difficult,” Guardiola said.

“They are exceptional for the way they play. But it is an opportunity to go one point above Arsenal in second and be closer to Liverpool.

“I don’t know if we’re going to win the Premier League but we are still there and this is why we continue. We have to continue to improve and focus and be in the title race.”


Bobb in, De Bruyne out

18:39 , Matt Verri

Oscar Bobb makes his first Premier League start tonight.

He comes into the Man City side, along with Bernardo Silva and John Stones. Kevin De Bruyne drops to the bench, with Manuel Akanji moving to left-back as Nathan Ake is also named among the substitutes.

For Brentford, Yoane Wissa gets the nod up front alongside Ivan Toney. Neal Maupay will have to try and wind people up from the bench.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Brentford team news

18:32 , Matt Verri

Starting XI: Flekken, Jorgensen, Ajer, Mee, Roerslev, Onyeka,Norgaard, Janelt, Reguilon, Toney, Wissa

Subs: Maupay, Jensen, Ghoddos, Strakosha, Collins, Lewis-Potter, Damsgaard, Baptiste, Yarmolyuk

Man City team news

18:30 , Matt Verri

Starting XI: Ederson, Walker, Stones, Dias, Akanji, Rodri, Silva, Foden, Alvarez, Bobb, Haaland

Subs: Ortega Moreno, Carson, Ake, Kovacic, Doku, De Bruyne, Gomez, Nunes, Lewis

Brentford in the building!

18:23 , Matt Verri

The Bees have arrived - team news from the Etihad coming up in the next five minutes or so.

Frank: Foden can win Ballon d'Or

18:16 , Matt Verri

Thomas Frank believes Phil Foden is good enough to one day win the Ballon d’Or.

The Man City star has 15 goals and 10 assists already this season, including a hat-trick against Brentford earlier this month.

Michael Owen, in 2001, was the last English player to win the award.

"Phil Foden is a very good player," said Frank.

"For me, he's the closest England get to a Ballon d'Or winner in the future. I think he has that potential, that level.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

How it stands

18:07 , Matt Verri

Manchester City are third in the Premier League, but that is with tonight’s game in hand.

Victory here would lift them up to second, above Arsenal, and just a point behind Liverpool with 13 games to go in the title race.

Brentford, meanwhile, sit 14th, but they are only five points clear of the relegation zone.

Foden the hat-trick hero

17:57 , Matt Verri

It’s only two weeks since these sides last met.

Brentford took the lead through the always popular Neal Maupay, but Man City came from behind to win at the Gtech Community Stadium.

Three points, three goals from Phil Foden.

Guardiola apologises to Phillips

17:48 , Matt Verri

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has apologised for calling Kalvin Phillips overweight after he returned from the World Cup midway through last season.

Guardiola made the public revelation when Phillips was left out of his squad to play Liverpool in the Carabao Cup in December 2022, City’s first game after the World Cup in Qatar.

“He didn’t arrive in the condition to do training sessions and to play,” the Spaniard said at the time. “He’s not injured. He arrived overweight. I don’t know [why].”

Phillips, who is spending the second half of the season on loan at West Ham, admitted earlier this month that the incident caused “a big knock on my confidence”.

“Yeah I’m sorry,” Guardiola said on Monday, when asked if he regretted going public with his comments, though he insisted he had spoken to Phillips privately first.

“"Once in eight years is not bad. But I'm so sorry. I apologise to him. I do apologise. I'm sorry.

"I never, never before I said something here [in the media] did not speak with the players in that case.”

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Stage is set!

17:39 , Matt Verri

Sun not exactly shining in Manchester...

Standard Sport

17:31 , Matt Verri

City have rarely found it easy against Brentford, losing home and away last season, and so there will be no complacency at the Etihad.

But the draw with Chelsea will surely have sharpened their focus and, while they look far from convincing at the back, it would be a real surprise if they Guardiola’s side were to drop more points.

Man City to win, 3-1.

Brentford team news

17:22 , Matt Verri

Brentford continue to contend with a number of injury issues.

Ethan Pinnock is not expected back until after the international break next month, as he faces a lengthy spell out with an ankle issue.

Bryan Mbeumo and Kevin Schade are among those also still on the sidelines, but Yoane Wissa is back in contention and is pushing Neal Maupay for a starting spot.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Man City team news

17:14 , Matt Verri

Man City will be without Jack Grealish tonight

He limped off with a muscle injury last week against Copenhagen and did not feature against Chelsea, with the 28-year-old facing at least a couple of weeks out.

“It’s not that much, not worse than we expect,” Guardiola said. “Maybe 10 days, maybe three weeks, maybe a month. I think it’s less, so it’s good news.”

Josko Gvardiol remains out with an ankle injury, but it is otherwise a fully-fit squad for Guardiola to choose from, Bernardo after Silva recovered from an ankle issue of his own to feature off the bench against Chelsea.

John Stones was an unused substitute against Chelsea and is one of those pushing to start on Tuesday. That would likely see Manuel Akanji drop to the bench, with Nathan Ake keeping his place at left-back.

Predicted Man City XI: Ederson, Walker, Stones, Dias, Ake, Rodri, Silva, Foden, De Bruyne, Doku, Haaland

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

How to watch Man City vs Brentford

17:07 , Matt Verri

Man City vs Brentford will not be shown live on TV in the UK.

It was announced back in July last year that the match would be postponed, meaning it was never in consideration to be a TV pick when broadcasters made their selections from the December fixtures.

As a result, the rescheduled date is not available for fans live at home either, though there are other ways to follow what is a crucial match.

In the UK, highlights will be available on Sky Sports Premier League later tonight, starting at 10:30pm GMT and running for 30 minutes. Sky Sports subscribers will be able to watch those on a live stream online via the Sky Go app.

You can also still follow the action LIVE tonight right here with us!

Good evening!

17:00 , Matt Verri

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of Man City vs Brentford!

It’s a midweek Premier League assignment for these two sides, with this fixture postponed in December due to City’s involvement in the Club World Cup.

Big night, particularly for the hosts. Victory would take them up to second in the table and just a point behind leaders Liverpool.

We’ll have all the latest updates, build-up and team news ahead of kick-off, which comes at 7:30pm GMT.