This Man and His Cats Recreate Scenes From Famous Movies and It's Hilarious

Man and His Cats Recreates Scenes From Famous Movies and It's Hilarious
Man and His Cats Recreate Famous MoviesInstagram/@moviecats

Attention all movie junkies, cat lovers and anyone with eyes, really: in case you missed it, the Instagram account @moviecats, which shows one man and his felines recreating scenes from famous films, is a must-see. The account gained popularity last year for its hilarious posts and the adorable featured stars, but attention hasn't dwindled (because why would it?).

The couple behind the account, Sarah and David from the UK, started taking the photos to use during trivia night. They were a huge hit, and so they decided to start posting on Instagram, asking their 68,000 followers to guess which films were being referenced.

Sarah told The Huffington Post that in the true spirit of all things entertainment, the cats, Willow and Tara, are named after characters from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." According to Sarah, they're very affectionate, and with lots of treats and even more patience, they've played major characters in some stellar shots. Just take a look — they're almost as good as the real things:

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