“Love Is Blind”'s Chelsea told Jimmy in the pods she also looked like Adele and Katy Perry

The season 6 star tells the "After Curfew Podcast" she didn't just say she looks like "MGK's girlfriend," EW can exclusively reveal.

Step aside, Megan Fox, because it turns out that Chelsea Blackwell told Jimmy Presnell in the pods that she didn't just look like "MGK's girlfriend" — she also said she looked like two other major celebrities, but apparently Love Is Blind season 6 producers edited that out.

Chelsea appeared on the latest episode of the After Curfew Podcast (available today at noon ET/3 p.m. PT), which Entertainment Weekly previewed exclusively, and she told host Jillian Lenna that she actually name dropped three very different female celebrities when talking about who she looked like in the pods.

"They didn't show that I also say Adele and I also say Katy Perry," Chelsea reveals. "I said I get one person all the time and then I say I also get Adele and Katy Perry. Put all those girls together, they look nothing alike. He just heard what he wanted to hear and ran with it."

<p>Adam Rose/Netflix </p>

Adam Rose/Netflix

Chelsea also revealed that Jimmy was in on the celebrity doppelganger game too, but she had never heard of the person he mentioned.

"I didn't know who he told me he looked like — he said he looked like Christian McCaffrey," Chelsea says, referring to the San Francisco 49ers football player. "I don't have a phone to look [up who that is]. No Google."

Early in season 6, during one of her pod dates with Jimmy, Chelsea was shown asking him if he has any celebrity doppelgangers. She immediately went on to tell him that she often is told on airplanes that she looks like "MGK's girlfriend," a.k.a. Fox. "It's just because I have dark hair and blue eyes," she said in episode 2. "But I don't see it so don't get excited. That's the only reason, there's nothing else."

After their post-engagement reveal, Jimmy laughed during his confessional as he said, "She definitely lied to me on how she looked. Chelsea told me she looked like Megan Fox. But it doesn't really matter, at the end of the day I'm attracted to her and I can work with that."

<p>Courtesy of Netflix</p> Jimmy and Chelsea on 'Love is Blind'

Courtesy of Netflix

Jimmy and Chelsea on 'Love is Blind'

But ultimately they couldn't work it out — Jimmy told Chelsea before the finale he didn't want to make it to the altar and they broke up onscreen. However, after filming ended, they actually continued dating for two weeks. But just like what happened in the finale, Jimmy was the one to call things off the second time. "He called me and said he realized he didn't want a relationship," Chelsea told EW. "This experiment was a lot on him and it just didn't work out."

"We went to dinners, I took her to a baseball game, the first time she's ever been to a baseball game. We actually went to see a Charlotte Knights game on what was supposed to be our wedding day, so it was funny," Jimmy told EW. "We were laughing at the fact that we would be getting married and things felt normal for a little bit. Ultimately, it just didn't work because I felt like I had skeletons in my closet at that point that she constantly was bringing up."

Listen to Chelsea's full interview on After Curfew Podcast when it drops Wednesday at noon ET/3 p.m. PT wherever you get podcasts, or on YouTube below.

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