This is how the Love Is Blind cast actually choose their engagement rings

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How do Love Is Blind cast choose engagement rings?Netflix

Love Is Blind season three is well underway and we're as invested as ever in the Netflix relationship experiment. Contestants are back in the dating pods and we have *so* many questions about how the format actually works - from how much participants get paid, to what happens behind the scenes.

When it comes to the on-screen proposals, we've seen many a Love Is Blind contestant getting down on one knee to pop the question (featuring some impressive rocks). But how do the cast choose their engagement rings?

how do love is blind contestants choose their rings

Back in season two, we saw contestant Kyle Abrams bringing his mum's ring to propose to Shaina Hurley. However, that's not always the case, and contestants can also choose from rings provided by producers.

Asked whether all participants bring their own rings to the experiment like Kyle, Love Is Blind creator Chris Coelen told Variety, "Not at all. They don’t."

He went on, 'If they want to propose and want to have a ring to give, we provide — up to a certain level — a ring for them to do that with."

Coelen then explained that contestants can choose from different styles and colours offered by producers. He revealed, "If they choose to do that, we actually give choices. There are, like, 10 or 12 different styles and colours."

how do love is blind contestants choose their rings

However, he added that cast members don't have to propose with a ring at all, saying, "It’s up to them, they don’t have to. There’s no pressure to do that."

Elsewhere, Coelen confirmed that female contestants do have the option to propose if they choose to. But, he explained, "Most say they don’t want to do that, but we always tell them, this is your story. No one is stopping anyone."

As for Love Is Blind season three, so far we've seen five couples getting engaged. That's: Brennon and Alexa, Bartise and Nancy, Matt and Colleen, Zanab and Cole, and SK and Raven. More episodes are dropping throughout October and early November, so here's hoping it's a happy ending for all!

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