Delon Wright's massive suit is solely to blame for Raptors loss to Bucks

For most of Thursday’s first-place showdown with the Milwaukee Bucks, the Toronto Raptors squad fans have been used to seeing for the majority of the season was a no-show.

Dreadful three-point shooting from the Raps and a dominant defensive effort from the Bucks were the two biggest on-court factors that led to Toronto falling 1.5 games back of Milwaukee for the No. 1 spot in the Eastern Conference, but it’s clear there was something else on the Raptors’ collective minds — stealing their focus throughout the entirety of this game.

Delon Wright rolled into Scotiabank Arena rocking these extremely questionable threads, and honestly how can we expect anyone to be able to shoot a basketball into a round hoop after being exposed to such an abomination?

The boys must have been shook. I know I am.

Rather than being able to hone in mentally on the task at hand, the Raptors as a collective unit must have had an onslaught of questions buzzing through their heads all night.

Why would Delon do this? Where did he even get that thing? Did this suit come with a limited edition briefcase? Were the pin-stripes necessary? Was the pocket square necessary? How many fully-grown human beings can you actually fit in that thing? Did he have to get blood stains dry-cleaned out of it before it was wearable?

With so many lingering questions and not one valid answer, it isn’t really surprising that the Raptors went just 26 percent on 7-for-27 shooting from beyond the arc and were held to just 92 points on home court.


Though it’s right at the top of the list, Delon’s choice of threads isn’t the only thing to be concerned about after Thursday’s underwhelming showing.

The team drops the season series 3-1 to the Bucks while losing both home games versus Milwaukee this season. Now 21-5 at Scotiabank Arena, the Raptors’ conference rival is the only team to beat them twice in Toronto.

The Raps also fall to a very mediocre 15-13 against clubs playing better than .500 basketball. Let’s just blame the suit, shall we?

(DISCLAIMER: had Toronto won, I would 100 percent be crediting Delon’s incredible outfit for the victory, not gonna lie.)

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