Lauren Bushnell Lane Talks Postpartum Body Image After Troll Calls Her 'Sickly Looking'

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Lauren Bushnell Lane
Lauren Bushnell Lane

Lauren Bushnell Lane/Instagram

Lauren Bushnell Lane is brushing off the trolls after welcoming her first child last year.

The Bachelor alum, 31, got candid about her struggles with postpartum body image during a Q&A session Thursday on her Instagram Story, sharing a direct message in which someone said she was "so damn sickly looking."

"I don't wanna bring attention to these kind of messages but the reality is I get them. They exist," she wrote in response.

"I don't feel like I have to defend myself but sometimes want to esp when it's already an insecurity and someone hits on it. No matter what I do I cannot gain weight," the reality star continued. "The only time in the last ten years I've been able to is being pregnant or on oral contraceptives. Otherwise it's just how my body wants to be."

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"I wish I had my pregnancy booty but I don't and apparently some people on the internet don't like that," she added. "I eat healthy (in fact I usually out eat my husband but these messages don't wanna hear that haha) I think what makes me most sad is as a new mom I've given my baby everything including my body but still get messages criticizing it."

Lauren Bushnell Lane
Lauren Bushnell Lane

She went on in a following slide about her body issues and how societal pressures made her believe she might be sick.

"On that same note I just had a bunch of blood work done because society tells you that if you don't fit into a certain mold- there is something wrong with you. I'm all for getting blood work done esp post baby bc they drain a ton of nutrients but reading messages ab my weight was making me believe there was something wrong with me," Bushnell Lane wrote.

"I convinced myself I was sick. I've spent so much money on lab work and micronutrient tests because I was convinced that surely I was sick or there was something wrong but everything is great (thank goodness!!)" she continued. "Just a little low in vitamin D."

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"Anyhoo – let's not comment on women's bodies PP bc there is so much too [sic] it and also a tremendous amount of emotion that comes along with it all," she concluded.

Lauren Bushnell Lane
Lauren Bushnell Lane

Lauren Bushnell Lane/instagram

Bushnell Lane and her husband Chris Lane are parents to 7-month-old son Dutton Walker.

In September, she shared her struggles with postpartum anxiety, writing on Instagram at the time that she was experiencing panic attacks and having a difficult time balancing motherhood and her responsibilities.

"4 month sleep regression hitting harddddd. I know this is a highlight reel but let me tell you- I was too frazzled yesterday to take a photo of this little guy inconsolable and screaming for two hours straight," she wrote. "It's truly the most heartbreaking feeling watching your baby meltdown and be over tired."

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"This is by far the hardest thing I've ever done," Bushnell Lane later added. "Balancing work, a 3 month old, pp anxiety and hormones, lack of sleep, and finding time for me has been a challenge."

In another slide during her AMA session on Thursday, Bushnell Lane wrote that she's been feeling "much better" when a user asked for an update on her postpartum anxiety.

"I think it's a combo of things.. I started Zoloft and it's been life changing. Dutton has been sleeping better which means more sleep for me which helps a TON," she wrote. "I have also been organizing my house and decluttering which makes me feel so much more at peace."

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