Laura Ingraham claims Bernie Sanders will be the 'juggernaut' Donald Trump was in 2016

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On Tuesday night, as Bernie Sanders was winning the Democratic primary in New Hampshire, with Pete Buttigieg close behind, Fox News’s Laura Ingraham drew a correlation between President Trump’s opponents in 2016 and the 2020 Democratic candidates, other than Sanders. Much like Jeb Bush in 2016, Joe Biden was an early favorite who suffered embarrassing losses in Iowa and New Hampshire. And, like Bush, Biden has chosen to go after another moderate.

“Just like Biden is now, Jeb was the establishment,” Ingraham said. “He had tons of money, but once he started getting into trouble, what happened? He began attacking, not Donald Trump so much, but Marco Rubio, the only other threat among the then establishment candidates.”

Ingraham believes that Biden staying in the race at this point is only helping Sanders. She believes that of the moderate Democrats, only Mike Bloomberg, Amy Klobuchar and Buttigieg have a chance at winning the nomination, and that it’s time to choose one and for the other two to drop out in order for any of them to beat Sanders.

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“You need to pick one at this point. It’s not gonna be Biden,” Ingraham said, later adding, “You’ve got to form a coalition now.”

Ingraham used Trump’s moderate opponents from four years ago in an attempt to prove her point.

“Four years ago [John] Kasich, Rubio and Jeb, they all stuck around way too long and it ended up helping Donald Trump,” Ingraham said. “Kasich and [Ted] Cruz, remember, they tried to form a temporary pact, do you guys remember this?”

And Ingraham believes that if the Democratic candidates don’t heed her advice, Sanders will be taking on Trump in November.

“None of this worked. The Trump juggernaut passed South Carolina, kept rolling along. Then it was too late,” Ingraham said. “The same will happen with Bernie. He’ll become the juggernaut. The new anti-establishment juggernaut of the Democrat party.”

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