Latest MLB trade rumors: Could Blue Jays sell? Is Mason Miller on the trade block?

Toronto Blue Jays first baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (27) hits a RBI single against the Chicago White Sox during the second inning at Rogers Centre.
Toronto Blue Jays first baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (27) hits a RBI single against the Chicago White Sox during the second inning at Rogers Centre.

The 2024 MLB season has seemingly reached that point where fans have come together to decide what teams should be doing when the trade deadline approaches. While the deadline is still more than two months away, it's never too early for a team to start listening to offers and trying to decipher what their best course of action is.

Now is a difficult time to make any such trades though. While a team like the Toronto Blue Jays may be last in their division with fans clamoring for them to "blow it all up," they're still less than five games out of a wild card spot. A hot streak could put them right back in the thick of the race. Still, that wouldn't stop people from speculating on what they might do.

Other teams like the Detroit Tigers, New York Mets, and Pittsburgh Pirates are in similar situations. Is it time for them to start thinking about next year, or is there still time for them to make a run at the postseason?

Here are all of the latest MLB rumors.

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Are the Blue Jays going to sell their key pieces?

On Monday, May 20, MLB's Mark Feinsand reported that an anonymous MLB exec told him that the Blue Jays will be shopping two of their biggest stars -- Bo Bichette and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. -- when the trade deadline starts approaching.

The Blue Jays play in one of the most competitive divisions in baseball and have not been as great as they were hoping heading into the season. Still, despite their underwhelming play, the Blue Jays aren't that far out of a playoff spot.

That said, both Guerrero Jr. and Bichette will be free agents after the 2025 season. Giving a team more than a full season's worth of control could drastically shoot up the asking price for both players. While neither player is off to a great start in 2024, the potential that both players bring to the table is undeniable. We did see Guerrero finish second in AL MVP voting just three seasons ago after all.

Are the A's going to ship Mason Miller off?

Despite no flashy theme song or entrance lighting, Oakland's Mason Miller has been arguably the best closer in baseball this year. That may not even be arguable for some people. Still, the A's might be looking to do what they do best, namely, ship off their best players.

Despite Miller's incredible start, he's not immune to the business of the sport. According to The Athletic's Ken Rosenthal, the A's are receiving tons of calls for Miller, and while the team is reportedly asking for an exorbitant price, they are still listening.

Should the A's be interested in shipping off Miller before moving to Vegas, it would make sense for such a trade to happen this year. There is a multitude of teams willing to part ways with some of their best young prospects, and a lot of those prospects should be ready to play at the MLB level by 2028 when the team moves. If Oakland wants to make an impact their first season in Vegas, shipping Miller off before an injury, before he starts losing velocity, or before a huge cold streak drives his price below the point of no return.

Pete Alonso not looking to stay with Mets?

Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports that Pete Alonso rejected an eight-year, $168 million extension offer from the Mets last June. According to that same report, the Chicago Cubs, along with other unnamed teams, engaged in trade talks with the Mets about Alonso after a deal was not reached.

So, are the Mets looking to ship off their star first baseman? Doubtful. At the same time though, it doesn't seem likely that Alonso stays with the Mets either.

Yes, the $168 million contract was low for a man of Alonso's talents. Given that he is a Scott Boras client, he's likely looking for a much bigger payday. Still, despite making less money than what he would've gotten if he took the extension this year, he stands to gain much more than that when he hits the open market this offseason. The Mets are known for shelling out big money as of late, but given how the other deals turned out, it would not be shocking to see them shy away from another lengthy, expensive contract.

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