KHL goalie drops gloves, attacks crease-crashing opponent (Video)

Georgi Gelashvili is a goalie for Ugra of the Kontinental Hockey League, which remains one of our favorite teams names that doubles as a character in a caveman film.

On Monday, Gelashvili made 15 saves on 17 shots through 59 minutes of play, in an intense one-goal game against Traktor. As his team searched for the equalizer, Maxim Yakutsenya crashed Gelashvili’s crease after a shot on goal.

He collided with the goalie, and Gelashvili wasn’t having any of it. While his teammate Oleg Yashin engaged with Yakutsenya, Gelashvili dropped his gloves and started tossing fists before an on-ice official held him back.

Yashin and Yakutsenya were given roughing minors.

What did Gelashvili get for this incursion into his crease? A match penalty! He earned 25 minutes in penalties and a trip off the ice, as teammate Vladislav Fokin entered the game for 40 seconds and didn’t face a shot.

So Gelashvili won the game, despite getting kicked out of it. Justice! Sort of.


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