KHL All-Star jerseys are ridiculously cool, created by Bauer (Photos)


The “color rush” jersey has become a thing in the NFL, where vibrant hues pop through your HDTV screens and either make you feel like you’re watching a rainbow or looking at the aftermath of your dog eating a box of crayons.

But bold colors are a trend in sports, and the KHL is on that trend for its 2017 All-Star Game and “Week of Hockey Stars” in Ufa.

Check out these duds, designed by North American equipment giant Bauer, for the events beginning on Jan. 15.


From the KHL:

The biggest shows of the season from all three leagues – the KHL, YHL and WHL – are all to be staged during the Week of Hockey Stars in Ufa, running from the 15th to the 22nd of January, 2017, and the elite players who take part will be kitted out in gloves, leggings and helmets sporting a unique color scheme specially created for the event by Bauer.

This special consignment for participants of the 2017 Week of Hockey Stars signals a new step in diversifying the look of Russian hockey. A refusal to adhere to the tradition of mixing only the darker hues allows the designers to experiment with new colors: lush greens, bright blues and sparkling gold. It will be the first time in Russia that the players in an event as big as the All-Star Game will be clad in gloves and pads designed to harmonize with the team jerseys.

Another result of this partnership will be an auction, devised by the Inter-Kommerts company together with the KHL and held after the close of the Week of Hockey Stars, at which many of the coveted items of equipment will be sold to the highest bidder, with the proceeds going to a very good cause – a charity providing sports equipment for a children’s sledge hockey league.

Bauer found that 87 percent of KHL players are using their skates, and 55 percent are using their sticks.

Congrats to the KHL on some sweet jerseys, even if the California Golden Seals alumni association might ask for residuals.

And congrats to Bauer on this new involvement with the KHL. Here’s hoping they were paid up front.

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