Kevin Burkhardt delivers announcer's jinx of a lifetime, calls Chris Godwin 'reliable' moments before disaster

Buccaneers wide receiver Chris Godwin fumbled immediately after the broadcast called him reliable. Oof. (AP Photo/Jason Behnken)

Being a professional sports announcer is a tough job. You have to accurately call plays and speak eloquently for over three hours during a live event. You also have to be flawless, knowing any mistake you make will be amplified.

Sometimes, though, you can do everything right and still have a clip go viral. That's exactly what happened to Fox broadcaster Kevin Burkhardt in Week 17. Burkhardt delivered an announcer's jinx of a lifetime Sunday by calling Chris Godwin "reliable" moments before a fumble.

The play occurred with just over nine minutes left in the first quarter. Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady hit Godwin with a pass in the middle of the field. Godwin broke a few tackles as he rumbled up the field, causing Burkhardt to call him "ole reliable Chris Godwin." Without missing a beat, Burkhardt then exclaimed, "Who loses the ball!"

In Burkhardt's defense, Godwin is usually reliable. Over the past four seasons, he has averaged 1,031 yards and six touchdowns per year. He has fumbled three times over that period.

We imagine Burkhardt wasn't looking to deliver an announcer's jinx when calling the play, but, hey, maybe he's playing against Godwin in his fantasy championship?

The whole thing was just an unfortunate series of events. If there's any consolation for Burkhardt, at least he's not the only announcer to jinx a player this season.

And if Burkhardt was hoping to jinx Godwin for fantasy championship reasons ... well, we would have no choice but to respect his actions.