Keep your herbs fresh with these simple kitchen hacks

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Do you ever find that your fresh herbs go bad before you have a chance to use them up? In this episode of ITK: Kitchen Hacks, we show you helpful tricks that extend the shelf life of your fresh herbs so you can avoid waste and save money. These four hacks will help you keep your herbs fresher longer using items you probably already have at home.

Fresh Herb Hack 1: Store basil in water

Keep your basil lasting longer by storing it in water in a mason jar and letting it sit at room temperature instead of in the fridge. Keep the jar less than halfway full with water so the stems can stay hydrated.

Fresh Herb Hack 2: Roll hearty herbs in a damp paper towel

Instead of chucking heartier herbs, like rosemary, thyme or oregano, in the fridge as is, try rolling them up in a damp paper towel first. Seal each bunch individually in a plastic bag, and label them. Store them in a clear container in the fridge so they’re easy to see, and you remember to use them.

Fresh Herb Hack 3: Loosely cover soft herbs in plastic

Keep soft herbs, like parsley, cilantro and mint, in a mason jar with some water and loosely cover each with plastic. Label these and store them in the fridge.

Fresh Herb Hack 4: Make herb butter

If you have more fresh herbs than you need for recipes, use them to make herb butter instead of letting them go bad. To do so, cream room temperature butter and add in chopped, fresh herbs. Parsley, rosemary and thyme make a great combination. Add minced garlic to boost the flavor, then stir. Roll the herb butter in wax paper and twist the ends to seal. You can store the herb butter in the fridge or freeze it for a longer shelf life.

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