Kawhi Leonard rumours reach the real estate world

You would think that being the key component lifting the Toronto Raptors to their first ever spot in the NBA Finals would be enough to keep the “Will he stay or will he go” rumours at bay for star Kawhi Leonard, but that topic won’t go away until a decision is finally made.

The “he stay” movement received a big shot in the arm last week when David Thorpe of TrueHoop claimed that his sources confirmed that Leonard is planning to return to the Raptors ‘at least on a short-term deal.’

That speculation gathered more momentum on Monday morning, when Thorpe was a guest on the Toronto radio 1050 with Michael Landsberg.

In speaking about the contract situation, Landsberg let it slip that some of his ‘sources’ had some feel-good information of their own.

“What we’ve heard is that he has purchased property in Toronto.” Landsberg claimed. “That is - if you’re looking at signs and suggestions that he’s going to say - if you’re leaving Toronto, it’s not like you’re saying ‘I want to buy property to live in Toronto, I want to come there during the summers.’ We’ve heard this now from two different sources indicating that there’s something there.”

Is there something there? That all depends on how much stock you put into a third-hand account about real estate from a radio host that goes out of his way to remind listeners that he does not consider himself a journalist mere seconds before mentioning the housing.

Yes, this reading of the tea leaves is dubious at best and ridiculous at worst, but it does call to mind a couple of questions. Would Kawhi really buy a house before so much as dipping a toe in the free agent market? Why would Kawhi buy a house when people are willing to give him one for free? Are we sure Kawhi hasn’t simply been following the news of the city’s housing prices and understands that you can resell a fully detached home in Toronto for a king’s ransom?

Regardless of the validity of the rumours or where you stand on them, we can all take some solace in knowing that just one month from now all the answers about Kawhi Leonard’s future will be revealed.

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