Kawhi Leonard ends parade speech with signature laugh

It all started with a laugh.

When the Toronto Raptors introduced their prize offseason acquisition at the season-opening media session, he gave us all the first glimpse into what would become a year filled with instant classic media clips.

Kawhi Leonard arrived in Toronto with a reputation for being quiet and reserved, and fans quickly absorbed every second he allowed us to peak behind the curtain of his straightforward presentation.

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Fielding a question about his personality, Leonard dropped the now-famous “I’m a fun guy” line, followed by an unconventional and unintentionally hilarious laugh.

The laugh has been replicated countless times since then by fans, media, and teammates alike, setting off what would become the Year of Kawhi.

On Monday, during the Raptors’ championship celebration in Toronto, the NBA Finals MVP got the last laugh — literally and figuratively — on stage to end his speech.

That’s an all-time level parade speech mic drop.

It’s a perfect full circle moment for the Raptors’ championship season. Stitching together a first impression and final product, from day one to the ultimate prize.

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