Kate Hudson Posed Topless in a Bikini and Her Abs Are So Toned

Kate Hudson Posed Topless in a Bikini and Her Abs Are So Toned
  • Kate Hudson is totally ready for the heat.

  • The 44-year-old actress just took to Instagram to post the most epic summer-forward photo dump—including two shots of her looking absolutely fierce, wearing nothing but a bikini bottom. And damn, just look at how strong and toned her abs are!

  • To stay as epically fit as she is, Kate makes sure to move every single day. She’s also into mixing up her workouts: She does Pilates, hot yoga, the Tracy Anderson Method, and some seriously intense sessions with a personal trainer.

Summer is officially here and Kate Hudson is ready to celebrate.

The actress just dropped a slew of amazing shots on Instagram that show her chilling in the sun in a thong bikini.

There’s the 44-year-old actress posing topless with a book by the pool, showing off her toned abs, strong legs, and a little nipple (covered by a heart emoji) in the process. Flip on over to pics of flowers, followed by Kate’s daughter Rani looking at the pool, and Kate’s sculpted legs as she watches Rani swimming. The final shot shows off Kate’s totally toned booty as she heads for the pool in her bikini.

“Suns out, buns (and huns) out ☺️☀️ #summerready,” she wrote in the caption. Naturally, fans and friends were all over it in the comments. “We over 40 women need to celebrate ourselves!! Let’s hear it for us!!!” one wrote. “You got it…flaunt it!” another said. Paris Hilton chimed in with: “That’s hot 🔥.” And bestselling Lessons In Chemistry author Bonnie Garmus dropped in with, “Thanks for reading, Kate! ❤️❤️.”

So how does Kate stay so fit? Well, it’s no secret that she works hard for that body—regularly sprinkling Instagram posts of herself crushing seriously intense workouts.

There was that time she did some impressive sled pushes and pulls with trainer Brian Nguyen:

There’s also Kate doing working on hanging planks and reverse crunches with TRX bands for some next-level core strengthening:

Kate also does the Tracy Anderson Method, which are dance-based workouts. Check out this class she did at home:

[instagram align='center' id='CaN0yt1tXgV'][/instagram]

Oh! And check out Kate casually doing a three-legged tabletop on a frigging wheel:

Also in the mix? Pilates. “I like to be able to set new goals to see what I can accomplish, and I love how flexible and strong I feel after a good workout, especially doing Pilates, which never gets easier," Kate previously told People.

Kate said movement is important to her. “I need to be moving to feel good," she said. "Even just making time for a little movement every day—going for a walk, doing a few minutes on the treadmill, some Pilates, or if I have more time for it, I love hot yoga.”

Clearly it’s working for her! Keep crushing it, Kate!

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