Joy Behar Tells 'View' Co-Host Sara Haines to 'Shut Up' During Jokey Back-and-Forth on Platonic Friendships

The talk show hosts were discussing whether or not women and men can be just friends when Behar fired back at Haines

<p>The View/ABC</p>

The View/ABC

Joy Behar didn’t hold back on this week's episode of The View.

While the talk show hosts were sharing their opinions on whether or not women and men can have successful platonic relationships on Wednesday, Behar jumped at the opportunity to express herself — while also jokingly silencing Sara Haines.

Sunny Hostin first shared her thoughts on the matter, saying, “I learned through my relationship with [my best guy friend] Floyd that you can have a platonic relationship — but we also never had to see each other naked.”

Then Behar, 80, chimed in with her experience, saying, "I feel like I have a platonic relationship with Brian, our executive producer.”

"I do too," Haines, 45, said, before being playfully told to “shut up” by Behar.

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"He's mine," Behar quipped, adding, "During the break, before, I invited him to take a sniff and see if my perfume is holding up.”

“Is that a platonic thing to do, or a romantic thing?" she then jokingly asked.

"I'm dead from the waist down so it doesn't really matter," Brian joked.

<p>The View/ABC</p>

The View/ABC

Behar isn’t one to shy away from speaking her mind. In April, after a short hiatus, Behar recounted a story about the time she called a woman the “b-word” when she was in Italy and this person prevented her from using the “first class” bathroom.

"The people are nice, here and there. I had to call one woman the b-word, but that's something else," Behar told her talk show co-hosts.

Haines covered her mouth at those words but Whoopi Goldberg asked Behar whether or not she said it in English or Italian.

"I said it in English because she wouldn't let me pee in the first-class lounge. I said, 'Please, let me just go!'" Behar said. "I said, 'Listen, don't be a b----.' She wouldn't let me go."

<p>The View/ABC</p>

The View/ABC

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These aren’t the only headline-worthy moments on The View lately. In mid-May, Haines had her mic cut when she said something profane during a conversation about the upcoming show Golden Bachelor, which is a senior citizen version of the beloved franchise and premieres Sept. 1.

In the middle of the group’s chatter about the show, Behar joked that the commercials for the show will be about Viagra and quipped about how close the couples are to reaching "Til death do us part."

Haines then replied to Hostin after the lawyer and novelist made a joke about the cast needing to take naps. "You guys, these are only 60-year-olds,” Haines said. “Do you know how young 60 is?”

Haines continued before her mic was cut off, saying, “I know 60-year-olds. "They run marathons, they do..."

After Haines’ comment, Behar shook her head and Griffin covered her mouth with her hand. Haines then was seen saying “sorry” to someone off-camera.

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