Jorge Masvidal on UFC fighter pay with Jake Paul: ‘You shouldn’t be in the top 10 having to f*cking work at Walmart’

Jorge Masvidal has given his stance on UFC fighter pay.

Appearing on Jake Paul’s podcast, Masvidal was asked about Paul’s constant criticism toward UFC president Dana White and his belief that he’s criminally underpaying his fighters.

A promoter himself for Gamebred Boxing and bare-knuckle boxing, Masvidal said he’d like to see an increase in pay but explains how it’s not that easy from a business standpoint. Masvidal rose to superstardom in the UFC when he had a banner 2019 and has been able to financially capitalize from his rise.

“It’s an interesting situation with the UFC,” Masvidal said on BS w/ Jake Paul. “The pay’s gone up in some areas. In some areas, not – I mean, I got nothing but good stuff to say about Dana (White). The relationship wasn’t always the best in the beginning, but I got nothing but good stuff to say because he’s allowed me to create so much money, so much publicity, marketing, all this stuff, and he’s helped me out tremendously. Me personally, I’m biased. I’m not the right person to ask because I’m like a Dana candidate.

“But, I’m also ‘pay fighters more.’ I know Dana’s running a business, and he’s a great businessman. So can he give out the checks we want as fighters? That’s like a business decision. I have always advocated throughout my career and now that I’m retired, even more. More money for the fighters because it’s a f*cking tough job. You shouldn’t be in the top 10 having to f*cking work at Walmart or something. If you’re in the top 15, you should be set that you’re making enough money per fight, whether you have sponsors or not, that all your bills are covered.”

Masvidal also sees positives in UFC fighter pay, especially in comparison to the early stages in boxing.

“When we hear that guys have to have a part-time job while they’re fighting, there’s lopsidedness there,” Masvidal said. “There’s also a lot of upside to it because a lot of people don’t talk about this. In boxing, you don’t get paid sh*t until your 30th professional fight. His (Paul’s) case is different. He came with this massive amount of followers, but every other boxer, the only way they get famous is by fighting. They don’t get paid sh*t in the beginning.

“The UFC pays guys in the beginning great and at the mid-stage great. Where we need help in is in that upper gap that’s been throwing down for a minute. Those guys get a little bit overlooked with the pay. But in the beginning structures of it, the UFC takes care of guys really, really, really well – like unbelievably well, especially compared to boxing or any other promotion out there where they’re paying a guy $20,000 and $20,000. You’ll never get that on the regional scene.”


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