Jon Jones allegedly pulled woman's hair, headbutted car and challenged cops to fight during arrest

MMA fighter Jon Jones.
Jon Jones was arrested in Las Vegas after attending a UFC Hall of Fame event. (Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images) (Mike Roach via Getty Images)

Content warning: This story contains graphic depictions of domestic violence.

More details have emerged in the arrest of UFC fighter Jon Jones, and they paint a disturbing picture. Jones was arrested in Las Vegas on Friday, and was charged with battery domestic violence and injuring and tampering with a vehicle.

The Las Vegas Police Department released the police report from Jones' arrest Tuesday. Jones is accused of grabbing a woman's hair, headbutting a cop car and telling police he wanted to take them all on.

Jones, who was in Las Vegas attending a UFC Hall of Fame event, reportedly went out with friends around 11:30 p.m. The woman stayed behind in the room and went to sleep. Jones allegedly returned to the room later and grew angry with the woman. She told officers Jones grabbed her hair and the back of her head because she was trying to leave the room.

Police were called after the woman went down to the security desk to ask for a key to her room. A guard noticed blood on the woman. She reportedly began to tear up and said she was afraid to go back to the room. One of the woman's children reportedly asked the guard to call police.

Officers observed blood around the woman's lip, chin and shirt. The woman said she was unaware what happened, but said things became "a little bit, yeah" physical. Officers said the woman "seemed scared to even talk about” Jones. The report said the woman "seemed very scared" regarding when Jones would be released from jail.

The woman reportedly did not want to be recorded or fill out a statement regarding the incident. She did not file a restraining order against Jones.

Police arrest Jon Jones on domestic violence charge

Police encountered Jones outside the hotel. He identified himself and then resisted arrest. While being detained, Jones reportedly headbutted a police car, leaving a dent and chipping paint. Police said Jones' mood alternated drastically during the arrest. He broke down in tears, and alternated between being calm and angry while speaking with officers.

When informed of the charges, Jones reportedly joked about the arrest, and told police "he would like to take us all on and see what we could do." He also said he could escape from the handcuffs. Jones reportedly apologized after officers threatened to tase Jones.

Jones denied touching the woman, and said he had a hard time remembering certain parts of the evening, according to ESPN. Jones also threatened to sue the police department for arresting him "on the biggest night of his life," per the report.

Jones was released on bond after a 12-hour hold. He's due back in court Oct. 26.