John Tortorella's 5 Funniest Moments

John Tortorella has seen it all in his 20 years behind an NHL bench, providing fans with many memorable moments with his one-of-a-kind personality. (Getty Images)
John Tortorella has seen it all in his 20 years behind an NHL bench, providing fans with many memorable moments with his one-of-a-kind personality. (Getty Images)

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Philadelphia Flyers head coach John Tortorella is a well-known firebrand — not only in the National Hockey League but throughout all major sports.

In his 30 years as an NHL coach, Tortorella's profanity-laced tirades have spared no one the verbal rod. Reporters, opposing teams, coaches, fans, and his players all know what it's like to end up on the wrong side of Tortorella's witty wrath.

While Torts’s hilarious moments seem to be without end, it's always fun to stroll down memory lane and remember some of his funniest altercations.

The Funky Press Room

Tortorella has a talent for reaming out reporters and isn't afraid to get personal. Who can forget the time he told an entire press room to freshen up?

Before ending his post-game interview, Tortorella took a deep breath and commented on the room's pungency. While it was one of his more mild-mannered barbs, Tortorella got straight to the point, saying, "I'll tell you right now, this room smells of B.O. — my gosh."

Tortorella's Liquid Battle with Capitals Fan

During their 2009 playoff series against the Washington Capitals, Tortorella grew tired of a rowdy fan and decided to handle the situation by squirting him with a water bottle. The fan retorted by dumping his beer over the glass onto Tortorella's head.

Tortorella's unwelcome baptism caused him to grab a hockey stick and taunt the fan from the other side of the glass. The two engaged in a yelling match until security removed the fan from the arena.

Tortorella later addressed his behavior and publicly expressed his regret for spraying water on the fan.

Say Hello to Mom

Tortorella's history of grumpiness towards ringing phones in the press room is well-documented, no matter who's on the other end of the line.

When Tortorella noticed a reporter's mom tried calling repeatedly, he answered the phone and politely explained why he couldn't field her call at that moment.

However, this is one of Tortorella's more endearing moments, as the entire exchange is light-hearted, even as he explains to the reporter's mother, "I'd rather talk to you than your son."

The Pittsburgh Peng-Whines

It's common knowledge that the Penguins organization receives little love from coach Tortorella. So while there are a handful of clips to choose from, Tortorella's feelings after a loss to Pittsburgh in 2015 provide a good summation.

When asked if he thought there was a bad call during a loss to the Penguins, Tortorella fired back.

"We're not going to whine here. Pittsburgh can whine. Pittsburgh whines enough for the whole league, so there's no more room for anybody else to whine."

Tortorella vs. Larry Brooks

Of course, it's not a greatest-hits list unless the name "Brooksie" appears. Tortorella and New York Post sports reporter Larry Brooks just never seemed to share a kind word, and there are multiple rounds where the two go toe-to-toe.

In their most infamous duel, Tortorella flatly refuses to answer any of Brooks's questions. Brooks responds with insistent sarcasm, provoking Tortorella to ask the reporter, "Have you ever fought before?"

Brooks continues his snide comments, leading to what may be Torts’s most memorable insult, "You were probably beat up at the bus stop most of the time."

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