Jimmy Kimmel Reminds Trump Just How Much He's Hated By People Who Know Him Best

Jimmy Kimmel said he’s getting a headache over polls showing Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden in multiple swing states.

“How could this be?” Kimmel asked. “He doesn’t even lead in a a poll of people who work for him.”

Kimmel then spent the next 90 seconds detailing all of the former Trump insiders, staffers, Cabinet members and more who’ve turned on him and won’t endorse his latest bid for the presidency.

He went on for so long that he needed a musical accompaniment as he quoted former Vice President Mike Pence as well as two former defense secretaries, a former chief of staff, two former national security advisers, a former attorney general, and more ― all calling him everything from “an utter disgrace” to “an idiot.”

“All the best people think he’s the worst,” Kimmel said, summing up.

Check it out in his Wednesday night monologue: