Jim Harbaugh on winning the Big Ten and beating Ohio State: 'We’re going to do it or die trying'

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Jim Harbaugh wants to make it clear that Michigan isn't sparing any effort to beat Ohio State and win the Big Ten.

The Wolverines haven't done either in Harbaugh's tenure with the team. While Michigan is 49-22 in Harbaugh's seven seasons with the school and has won 10 games in three of those years, Michigan hasn't beaten Ohio State since 2011.

Harbaugh is well aware of that. Michigan fans are acutely aware of that. And when he was asked about the team's lack of wins over the Buckeyes and Big Ten titles, Harbaugh didn't mince words. 

“I’m as enthusiastic as I always am, ever am, even more to have at it.” Harbaugh said about his excitement heading into 2021. “To win the championship, to beat Ohio … our rivals Michigan State. Everybody. That’s what we want to do. “

“And we’re going to do it or die trying.”

You can view Harbaugh's response in full to the question below. In it, he relays a story about his daughter climbing up a mountain with him and her desire to get to the top. 

"She's got that gene in her and I was darn glad to see it," Harbaugh said. "I've got that gene in me."And some of the [players] we've talked about here already ... we've got that gene in us. We've got to get to the top."

Those are some lofty expectations for Michigan, but they're also not really new for the team under Harbaugh. Michigan has long been expected to go from good to great in his tenure and it hasn't happened. And now the pressure is really on. Harbaugh kept his job after a mediocre shortened 2020 season and heads into 2021 with a new defensive coordinator. Michigan hired Mike Macdonald to replace Don Brown in January. Macdonald previously coached for Harbaugh's brother John with the Baltimore Ravens. 

Will a new defensive scheme help push Michigan to the top of the Big Ten East? We'll find out this fall. 

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