Jays fan unknowingly breaks Morales trade to Joe Biagini in grocery store

With the speed that information travels these days due to smartphones and social media, you can catch breaking news about your favourite sports team only a few moments after it happens.

By simply checking Twitter, you have the ability to become a trade-breaker to your friends. Or, in the case of a Blue Jays fan in a grocery store on Wednesday evening, you just may be the one to inform a professional athlete about the big news regarding his own team.

As hilarious as it may seem, that’s what happened to Brendan Panikkar while cruising the aisles at Shoppers Drug Mart the night before Opening Day in Major League Baseball. By telling someone that he was with that Kendrys Morales had been traded to Oakland, he unknowingly broke the news to Joe Biagini, who was within earshot.

If only someone got a video of Panikkar realizing that he was chatting with Morales’ former teammate about the deal. His reaction to figuring out that he was talking to Biagini, a relief pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays, must have been priceless.

During his three seasons in Toronto, Biagini has gladly been a bit of a weirdo and seemingly made it his mission to keep the media on its toes. While his interviews are consistently interesting, the 28-year-old hit the big time when he was a member of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon audience back in 2016.

After the right-handed pitcher and Fallon missed their high-five following an episode, Biagini was invited back to the show so the two could redeem themselves.

With the obscure way he approaches life and the many strange adventures that he’s been a part of in his young career, let’s give the people what they want.

I say filming for the Joe Biagini reality show should begin immediately.

(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

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