Jarom Smith Gives Insight on How to Make It as An Entrepreneur

There are 7.8 billion people in the world. Most of them would say that money is the primary problem in their lives, but it is probably not. People's issues are usually heterogeneous and not related to money at all, in most cases. When people see money as a problem, it comes from the misconception about what money is and is not. Money is merely a 'front-end' for solving problems. This assertion implies that whenever a problem is solved, money is the reason why it was solved.

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Most entrepreneurs make the same assumption. Their business goals revolve around profitability only, which prevents these businesses from reaching their full potential.

Jarom Smith, a renowned American speaker and young entrepreneur on the rise, shared his insights on the common mistakes that entrepreneurs make.

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Dealing with people is one of the most challenging things to do. If you say the wrong thing to a customer, for instance, then it could make them run away from your brand forever.

Understanding people and placing their needs first is the key to creating and maintaining a successful business. When Jarom Smith finally understood this principle, it became a major turning point for him and his career.

In his words, "[The] major turning point in my career and my life, happened when I learned to stop focusing on what I can get, and start focusing on what I can provide." According to him, this is what an entrepreneur must focus on to be successful.

What you can provide will give birth to what you can get. It's a simple law of 'give and take' and 'sowing and reaping.' Practicing this concept makes people feel loved and respected which, in turn, motivates them to spend money on your products or services.

According to Jarom, people need to start asking themselves the right questions about other people. Some of these questions should be like the following:

  • What does this person want right now?

  • How can I help them?

  • How can I make their life much easier right now?"

If you can answer these questions, then you will become a better salesperson and a true problem solver. Prioritizing the needs of people makes life more interesting for you and for them. There's a unique feeling of satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment that you get when you meet other people's needs.

Jarom puts it this way:

"Most entrepreneurs find [out] that when they make people their primary focus, not only does it increase sales [and] productivity, but it makes business enjoyable again." You should enjoy your business, not endure it."


Every entrepreneur wants to be successful. That's one reason why they started their entrepreneurial journey in the first place. Even though most of them aspire for success, only a few of them ever achieve it due to their limited mindsets.

The problem is that most entrepreneurs don’t actually believe that success will ever happen for them, despite wanting success so badly. As more entrepreneurs start living as though they already are that successful person, they are naturally given the courage to take whatever risk that's necessary to achieve their goals

Yes, believing in yourself is great, but we all know that. The real issue is that they get stuck in whatever way of life they are most familiar with seeing goals as unattainable even as they work to achieve them. Deep down, they actually believe they’ll get there.

Jarom thinks if an entrepreneur wants to be successful, they need to start living and behaving as if they already have it. "The issue that most entrepreneurs run into, isn't that they don't want [success], of course, they want it, everyone wants it," said Jarom.

"The real problem is they believe that certain successes or levels of income are inaccessible to them. If they don't believe they're successful, then entrepreneurs won't act successful and they won't make successful decisions or meet other successful people, which is another major pathway to success."

People act what they believe. It's a general human principle. As an entrepreneur who craves success, you must remove every self-limiting thought from your mind and begin to replace them with the right ones. You are and will continue to be what you think and do.