Internet rages over Papa John’s new crustless pizza bowls: ‘Fundamental misunderstanding’

Papa John’s is trying to make a comeback with crustless pizza bowls. Not everyone is as enthused about the weird dish.

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The pizza franchise has struggled since founder John Schnatter‘s resignation in the wake of being caught using a racist slur. At the same time, pizza companies have had a difficult time due to supply chain issues and delivery driver shortages. Somehow the geniuses at Papa John’s decided a way to drive sales would be to eliminate the crust. Or maybe it’s because of the global grain shortage?

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Dubbed “Papa Bowls,” the new menu item consists of all toppings and no crust. It’s available in Garden Veggie, Chicken Alfredo and Italian Meats Trio for $7.99 each.

Most people on Twitter were not excited about the prospect of eating a pile of melted cheese and toppings.

“To get people excited about pizza again, Papa John’s announced that it’s going out of business,” @JoeEinloth joked on Twitter.

“Babe you didn’t finish your Papa John’s Italian Meats Trio Breadless Papa Bowl, is something wrong?” @ostonox said in a tweet.

Tweeter @mikescollins opted for a visual aid comparing the Papa Bowls to Pizza the Hut from the Spaceballs movie.

“Come to Papa Johns were we’ll treat you like the animals you are with our new pizza trough! Come and get your slop you disgusting pigs!” @Mooserton tweeted.

“There is a fundamental misunderstanding here. No one is ever not excited about pizza. We are always excited about pizza. Which is why we are never excited about Papa John’s,” @TheOperaGeek explained on Twitter.

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