Inside the Green Room with Danny Green: Raptors sensation Pascal Siakam

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Welcome to “Inside the Green Room with Danny Green,” a Yahoo Sports podcast and video series hosted by Toronto Raptors forward Danny Green and Harrison Sanford. 

Toronto’s hot start to the season doesn’t come as a huge surprise. The play of Pascal Siakam on the other hand? Yeah, not too many people saw that coming.

The third-year sensation has taken a massive leap forward in his development this season, upping his numbers across the board and turning heads around the NBA with his refined game.

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Siakam, a.k.a. Spicy P, a.k.a. P Skills, joins the latest episode of Inside the Green Room with Danny Green to discuss his hot start and much more.

Pascal Siakam has been extra spicy this season for the Raptors.
Pascal Siakam has been extra spicy this season for the Raptors.
  • Danny talks about his game-winning shot against the Magic — his first dagger as a member of the Raptors — and the team’s win against a solid Grizzlies squad.

  • Pascal talks about about his reaction to the big trade, his first thoughts about joining forces with Danny and Kawhi and how often he keeps in touch with DeMar DeRozan and Jakob Poeltl.

  • Pascal talks about his Most Improved Player campaign and the success he’s found as a point forward.

  • Danny explains why Pascal’s “legendary” spin move is so hard to stop and his first impressions upon seeing the move in camp.

  • Pascal dishes on his Spicy P nickname and its unknown origins.

  • Harrison asks Pascal if he wants to partake in the All-Star Skills Challenge, while Danny and Pascal lobby to get a number of their teammates into the all-star conversation.

  • Pascal talks about his native country of Cameroon and how he plans on giving back to his homeland.

  • Danny offers good insight when discussing the “elephant in the room:” Gregg Popovich’s comments about Kawhi Leonard’s leadership.

  • Danny and Pascal tee up Toronto’s marquee matchup with the Golden State Warriors and respond to Klay Thompson’s comments about it being a Finals preview.

  • Danny and Pascal explain what’s going on with the team’s pregame routine and bring you inside the team huddle, which is all kinds of chaotic.

  • Danny and Pascal talk about the team’s city jerseys and how they compare to the team’s other threads.

  • Pascal takes some friendly shots at teammate Serge Ibaka, while Danny offers up a meal he thinks Serge wouldn’t eat.

  • Danny and Pascal answer fan questions, including what they need to accomplish to be satisfied with their careers.

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