Inside the Green Room with Danny Green: Raptors coach Nick Nurse

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Welcome to “Inside the Green Room with Danny Green,” a Yahoo Sports podcast and video series hosted by Toronto Raptors forward Danny Green and Harrison Sanford.

On this episode
  • Danny and Harrison break down Toronto’s big win over the Warriors and their tough loss to the Nuggets.

  • Danny talks about the love (and all the A1 sauce) he was shown by fans at his recent meet and greet.

  • Danny has a bone to pick with bagged milk and one aspect of Drake’s new locker.

  • Danny talks about his upcoming basketball event in New York City and what it means for him to give back to the next generation of players.

  • Nick Nurse and Danny go in depth on coming up short against Denver and discuss the common denominator in their losses.

  • Nick Nurse rates the team based on where they are now compared to where he wants them to be.

  • Coach Nurse explains what has surprised him this season, including how smoothly things have gone for Danny and Kawhi in Toronto and Pascal Siakam’s play this year.

  • Nick Nurse talks about the joke he told during the interview process that helped land him the job, the call he received afterwards from Masai Ujiri and what he would be doing if he wasn’t coaching in the NBA.

  • Nick Nurse reveals the most annoying part of his day and goes into more detail on his “elephant in the room” theory.

  • Nick Nurse and Danny Green dig into the mailbag to answer fans’ questions.

  • Harrison and Danny talk about Harrison’s “controversial” middle name.

  • Nick Nurse and Danny Green preview the Raptors’ upcoming matchups vs. the Sixers, Bucks, Warriors and Clippers.

Nick Nurse has more drip than you.
Nick Nurse has more drip than you.
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