India v Pakistan LIVE: Result and reaction from T20 World Cup in New York as India defend low total in win

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India beat Pakistan by six runs in the most highly-anticipated group match of the 2024 T20 World Cup in New York.

Pakistan were left reeling after a shock super-over defeat to the United States in Dallas on Thursday but failed to bounce back in one of the fiercest rivalries in sport as they restricted India to 119 all out from their 20 overs but then were heled to 113-7 themselves.

Only two teams will qualify from Group A and India look all but through after they had started their campaign with a dominant victory over Ireland before this win, as they went into the tournament among the favourites, despite not having won a major international event since the 2013 Champions Trophy.

However, there have been serious questions raised about the playing surface on the pop-up stadium in Nassau County, with the ICC admitting the pitch is not up to standard and would be subject to ‘remedies’ before the flagship game.

Relive all the live action in the blog below.

India v Pakistan - live updates

  • India beat Pakistan by six runs in a T20 World Cup group stage match in New York

  • India all out for 119, setting Pakistan 120 to win from their 20 overs

  • Pakistan fail to chase it down, ending on 113-7 and leaving them on the brink of elimination

India beat Pakistan by six runs

20:44 , Luke Baker

Disappointment for Pakistan then as that loss, combined with defeat to the USA means they’re on the brink of exiting this T20 World Cup. It was a pretty dismal batting effort by them as India successfully defended their lowest total in T20s.

They’re well on course for the Super Eights now. and have bragging rights over their fierce rivals

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Pakistan 113-7 (20 overs) - INIDA WIN BY SIX RUNS

20:40 , Luke Baker

Valiant effort by Naseem as he launches the ball into the off-side from the penultiamte delivery knowing he needs six to keep their hopes alive and it juuuust bounces before the boundary for FOUR! Unlucky

Eight needed off the final ball but only a single down the ground.


Pakistan 108-7 (19.4 overs) - Naseem 5; Afridi 0 - Pakistan need 12 runs off 2 balls

20:38 , Luke Baker

Naseem ramps the ball behind him for FOUR! But Pakistan need 12 runs from 2 balls.

Pakistan 104-7 (19.3 overs) - Naseem 1; Afridi 0 - Pakistan need 16 runs off 3 balls

20:37 , Luke Baker

A couple of singles off the next two balls but Pakistan need 16 runs from three balls.

WICKET! Imad Wasim c Pant b Arshdeep Singh 15 - Pakistan 102-7 and need 18 from 5 balls

20:35 , Luke Baker

Carnage on the first ball of the last over as Imad swings, gets a slight nick through and Pant catches it. There are shies at both ends, both miss and neither man is run out but a review confirms Imad did get a nick, so he’s caught behind.

Pakistan need 18 from 5 balls now. It’s over for them - that’s not happening with Arshdeep Singh bowling.

WICKET! Iftikhar Ahmed c Arshdeep Singh b Bumrah 5 (Pakistan 102-6, 19 overs - TARGET: 120)

20:33 , Luke Baker

Rare full toss from Bumrah but Pakistan can only get it away to leg for a single. They need some big blows now.

Imad crunches the ball straight to a fielder and Bumrah’s back-flick hits the stumps as they run a single but Imad is juuuust in at the non-striker’s end.

And off the final ball of the over - a WICKET! Could be curtains for Pakistan as Iftikhar gets a full toss but hoicks it straight up in the air and Arshdeep Singh runs in to take the catch, although almost trips over his own man due to lack of communication. Doesn’t matter.

Pakistan 100-5 (18.3 overs) - Iftikhar 5; Imad 14 - Pakistan need 20 runs off 9 balls

20:29 , Luke Baker

Imad doesn’t know much about the first ball as Bumrah’s slower ball grips into the surface but they scamper a single. Bouncer from Bumrah confuses Iftikhar next up and it’s a dot ball!

Then another dot ball as Iftikhar swings and misses.

Pakistan 99-5 (18 overs) - Iftikhar 5; Imad 13 - Pakistan need 21 runs off 12 balls

20:27 , Luke Baker

Half-volley outside off stump gives another single before a slow bouncer by Siraj down the legside is ruled a wide! Not sure what he’s doing here, just keep things simple...

Penultimate ball is better and Siraj frantically fields it himself to stop a second run. Final delivery and it’s another single straight down the ground.

21 runs needed from 12 balls but the problem for Pakistan is here comes Jasprit Bumrah!

Pakistan 95-5 (17.3 overs) - Iftikhar 4; Imad 11 - Pakistan need 25 runs off 15 balls

20:24 , Luke Baker

Siraj on to bowl his final over (you’d assume Bumrah the 19th and Arshdeep the 20th) and he’s been dynamite so far, with just 10 runs conceded from his three overs.

Imad on strike and gets a single to the off-side before a dot to Iftikhar but it’s a no-ball due to overstep, so a FREE HIT to Pakistan. Gets it past the cover fielder, so they pick up two. Then a single off the third ball.

Pakistan 90-5 (17 overs) - Iftikhar 1; Imad 10 - Pakistan need 30 runs off 18 balls

20:20 , Luke Baker

Iftikhar Ahmed in at No 7 and Pakistan desperately need someone to keep their head and keep the scoreboard ticking.

Nice cut into the off-side for a single from his first ball before Imad gives himself room to try and slice through the off-side but misses completely as the ball goes through to the keeper. Final delivery is just a single, so it’s 30 needed from the final 18 balls - 10 an over suddenly for Pakistan!

Shadab Khan c Pant b Pandya 4 (Pakistan 88-5, 16.3 overs - TARGET: 120)

20:16 , Luke Baker

Bumrah being saved, Pandya back on for his final over. Imad makes room from the first ball but only a single before Shadab tucks one off his hip for two.

But then disaster! Another WICKET falls and it’s Shadab Khan. He tries to hook a bouncer over point but it’s straight up in the air and Pant makes the catch! Things getting dicey for Pakistan

Pakistan 85-4 (16 overs) - Shadab 2; Imad 8 - Pakistan need 35 runs off 24 balls

20:13 , Luke Baker

Axar Patel back on to bowl. Is this an over that Pakistan can target? Shadab gets a single and Imad tries to flash the next ball away but misses completely. Same again the following delivery! And then a third time!

Lovely bowling by Axar and although Imad finally connects with the shot he wants, it’s just a single - two off the over. Suddenly the run rate required is creeping up - 35 needed from 24 balls...

Pakistan 83-4 (15 overs) - Shadab 1; Imad 7 - Pakistan need 37 runs off 30 balls

20:09 , Luke Baker

The atmosphere in Nassau County has ramped up now. Slip in place, India on the attack!

Shadab Khan edgily jabs at the first couple of balls before gratefully scampering through for a quick single to get off strike. Two more from Imad later in the over and Pakistan will simply be thinking there’s only six more balls of Bumrah to survive...

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WICKET! Mohammad Rizwan b Bumrah 31 (Pakistan 80-4, 14.1 overs - TARGET: 120)

20:05 , Luke Baker

Haha! He is absolutely unbelievable! Literally, first ball back, Bumrah gets one to nip back in and cleans up Mohammad Rizwan. The most important WICKET falls for Pakistan as Rizwan goes for 31 from 44 balls.

India may smell blood now!

Pakistan 80-3 (14 overs) - Rizwan 31; Imad 5 - Pakistan need 40 runs off 36 balls

20:04 , Luke Baker

And as if by magic - here is Bumrah. He’s been summoned before the game is out of reach for India. Makes sense as you want him bowling overs while the game is still alive. Roars from the Indian fans when they see he’s on to bowl.

Pakistan 80-3 (14 overs) - Rizwan 31; Imad 5 - Pakistan need 40 runs off 36 balls

20:03 , Luke Baker

First runs for Imad Wasim come when he drives a ball outside off stump, it takes the edge and flashes through the empty slip cordon, down to the boundary for FOUR!

Seven off the over and Pakistan will take that at this stage. Worth noting that India still have two overs to come from their gun bowler Jasprit Bumrah though.

Pakistan 73-3 (13 overs) - Rizwan 30; Imad 0 - Pakistan need 47 runs off 42 balls

19:58 , Luke Baker

Well, we have a game again! Imad Wasim comes to the crease and the left-hander watchfully sees out the over. A wicket and just one run conceded by Pandya - exactly what India needed.

47 off 42 required for Pakistan. They’re still favourites but if a couple more wickets fall...

WICKET! Fakhar Zaman c Pant b Pandya 13 (Pakistan 73-3, 12.2 overs - TARGET: 120)

19:55 , Luke Baker

Fakhar Zaman’s quickfire innings is ended! Hardik Pandya bowls a bouncer, Zaman tries to hook it, gets a top edge and wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant backpedals and catches it over his left shoulder for a vital WICKET!

That was not an easy catch and Pant almost stepped on his own helmet while backpedalling but takes it and India have life once more.

Pakistan 72-2 (12 overs) - Rizwan 29; Zaman 13 - Pakistan need 48 runs off 48 balls

19:51 , Luke Baker

Not a great ball from Arshdeep Singh but gorgeous shot by Fakhar Zaman as he flicks the ball off his pads, down to the fine-leg boundary for FOUR! He’s taken no time to hit his straps.

A couple of singles and Pakistan are keeping their target at about a run a ball, with plenty of wickets in hand.

Pakistan 66-2 (11 overs) - Rizwan 28; Zaman 8 - Pakistan need 54 runs off 54 balls

19:49 , Luke Baker

Fakhar Zaman in at No 4 and he signals that’s he’s going to play his usual attacking game as he comes down the pitch to Axar and hammers him for a 90-metre SIX down the ground. Straight into the stands.

A good start from Zaman, who has the ability to take this game away from India

WICKET! Usman Khan lbw b Patel 13 (Pakistan 57-2, 10.1 overs - TARGET: 120)

19:46 , Luke Baker

The breakthrough that India so badly needed! It takes a review but they have the WICKET they crave as Usman Khan is trapped lbw.

It’s the first ball of Axar Patel’s spell, Usman plays on the back foot and the ball thumps his pads. Umpire initially says not out but the review confirms it hits him in front of middle and would’ve crashed into leg stump, so it’s overturned. First ball from Axar and first delivery after the drinks break - is that a momentum shifter?

WATCH: Shivam Dube drops a sitter

19:43 , Luke Baker

Here was that Dube drop from earlier

Pakistan 57-1 (10 overs) - Rizwan 27; Usman 13 - Pakistan need 63 runs off 60 balls

19:40 , Luke Baker

Jadeja continues with his second over. A couple of singles before Rizwan thumps the ball for FOUR by using his feet and lofting it over the top to the off-side boundary. Six from the over, that’ll do.

It’s drinks at the halfway point of the innings!

50 UP! Pakistan 51-1 (9 overs) - Rizwan 22; Usman 12 - Pakistan need 69 runs off 66 balls

19:37 , Luke Baker

Pandya has changed ends and immediately the Pakistan batters get into a mix-upq! Usman charges two-thirds of the way down the pitch from the non-striker’s end despite there never being a run on! He then gets tangled with Pandya as he turns to retreat, Hardik shys at the stumps but missed. Usman was miles out if he hits...

Once Usman does get on strike he crunches Pandya over the covers for FOUR. An easy two from the following ball and eventually it’s an easy nine from the over. They’re in control here as they bring 50 UP!

Pakistan 42-1 (8 overs) - Rizwan 20; Usman 5 - Pakistan need 78 runs off 72 balls

19:33 , Luke Baker

Honestly, neither Rizwan nor Usman are looking super comfortable out there at the moment... Ravi Jadeja into the attack to see if he can make a breakthrough with his slow left-armers.

A handful of singles as the batters just about keep the scoreboard ticking but keeping wickets in hand is the more important thing at this stage. Four come from the over


Pakistan 38-1 (7 overs) - Rizwan 18; Usman 3 - Pakistan need 82 runs off 78 balls

19:30 , Luke Baker

Another very neat over from Siraj, who restricts Pakistan to just three runs and he beats Usman’s outside edge in the process. Siraj has conceded just 10 runs from his three overs.

Pakistan 35-1 (6 overs) - Rizwan 17; Usman 1 - Pakistan need 85 runs off 84 balls

19:24 , Luke Baker

Pakistan would probably be well-advised to try and just see off Bumrah and attack India’s other bowlers. Rizwan clearly agrees as he dances down the pitch and clubs Hardik Pandya for SIX over mid-off!

The next ball rears off the pitch and catches him in the hand. The glove is and he’s shaking his hand in discomfort. Physio on with some magic spray and to tape him up. Nine off the over in the end.

Pakistan 26-1 (5 overs) - Rizwan 9; Usman 0 - Pakistan need 94 runs off 90 balls

19:20 , Luke Baker

The crowd are really getting behind India and the atmosphere is building! Usman Khan in at No 3 and immediately gets his outside edge beaten twice in the first two balls by Bumrah, who is cooking now!

WICKET! Babar Azam c Yadav b Bumrah 13 (Pakistan 26-1, 4.4 overs - TARGET: 120)

19:18 , Luke Baker

Lovely shot by Babar as he picks up the length early and lofts Bumrah over the leg-side field for FOUR runs.

But then the breakthrough WICKET the very next ball! Bumrah gets Babar fishing outside the off stump, he edges it to first slip where Yadav dives forward and takes a belter of a catch! Review confirms he got his fingers under the ball and Pakistan’s talisman is gone for 13 off 10.

DROP! Pakistan 21-0 (4 overs) - Rizwan 9; Babar 9 - Pakistan need 99 runs off 96 balls

19:13 , Luke Baker

Oooof - ANOTHER DROP by India. It’s Siraj off his own bowling as Babar thumps the ball back at him. He gets his hands up above his head, the ball hits them but bursts through. Tougher than the Dube drop but perhaps still should have been caught.

Only two runs from the over but India would love to break this opening partnership.

DROP! Pakistan 19-0 (3 overs) - Rizwan 8; Babar 9 - Pakistan need 101 runs off 102 balls

19:08 , Luke Baker

Jasprit Bumrah, who maybe should have bowled the opening over, comes on to bowl the third. Probably the best bowler in the world across all three formats - can he provide some magic?

Rizwan slices him for two runs but Bumrah peppers the crease with length balls. And Shivam Dube DROPS a sitter of a catch! Rizwan flicks off his legs, it goes straight to Dube at fine leg but he somehow shells it. India simply cannot afford to be putting down chances like that if they’re going to defend 120.

Pakistan 15-0 (2 overs) - Rizwan 5; Babar 8 - Pakistan need 105 runs off 108 balls

19:03 , Luke Baker

Mohammed Siraj into the attack and Babar Azam greets him with a punch straight down the ground for FOUR! Classy from the Pakistan captain, who has more than 2,000 runs in this format.

After a single, Siraj responds with a beauty that flies past the outside of Rizwan’s edge. Ooohs from the India fans in the crowd.

Pakistan 9-0 (1 over) - Rizwan 4; Babar 3 - Pakistan need 111 runs off 114 balls

18:59 , Luke Baker

Nice stroke by Rizwan through the off-side for three runs off the opening ball and Babar follows him off the next delivery, with the same result.

Then Rizwan gets away with one as he chops the ball past his own stumps for one! That was agonisingly close to hitting. Arshdeep throws in a wide before tightening up.

Ten runs off the first over though - that sort of strike-rate will be more than enough for Pakistan and it came without any big hits.

India v Pakistan - Pakistan require 120 to win

18:54 , Luke Baker

Here we go. Both teams back out - can knock these off at just a run a ball or will India’s bowlers step up?

Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam opening for Pakistan, with Arshdeep Singh to bowl.

Mohammad Amir reflects on India total

18:51 , Luke Baker

Pakistan bowler Mohammad Amir has had his say on the India total of 119

“I think we did well as a bowling unit, but this is a decent total on this track. We need to bat well and sensibly. It’s a bit tricky. We need to start well and finish well.”


WATCH: Pakistan restrict India to 119 all out

18:49 , Luke Baker

A couple of highlights from that India innings

India 119 all out - Pakistan require 120 to win

18:46 , Luke Baker

It’s not easy scoring on this pitch, so 120 is competitive-ish from India, although they would have loved 20 or 30 more runs. Pakistan will need to bat well but this is very gettable. And they may need to chase ti down to keep their qualification hopes alive.

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WICKET AND ALL OUT! Arshdeep Singh run out (Babar Azam/†Mohammad Rizwan) 9 (India 119 all out, 19 overs)

18:42 , Luke Baker

And that’s that. Final ball of the 19th over. The ball bounces just short of Babar Azam at mid-on but he fires it into the wicketkeeper and Mohammad Rizwan whips off the bails to run out Arshdeep Singh.

A few silly extra runs conceded at the end but Pakistan should be delighted with that.

India all out for 119 and Pakistan will need 120 to win!

India 119-9 (18.5 overs) - Siraj 7; Arshdeep 9

18:40 , Luke Baker

Afridi on to bowl his fourth and final over. Decent running between the wickets gains them an extra run off the first ball when a shy at the stumps misses, allowing an overthrow and they scamper two off the next delivery as well.

A third consecutive two when some very ordinary fielding at the bowler’s end concedes another overthrow. Then an appeal for caught behind - Pakistan may as well review and they do. Nothing on ultra-edge so Siraj survives.

India 113-9 (18 overs) - Siraj 1; Arshdeep 9

18:35 , Luke Baker

Mohammed Siraj in at No 11 for India. Can he or Arshdeep hoick a few final runs off these final 12 balls?

WICKET! Jasprit Bumrah c Imad Wasim b Haris Rauf 0 (India 112-9, 17.5 overs)

18:34 , Luke Baker

HARIS RAUF IS ON A HAT-TRICK! First ball, Jasprit Bumrah takes a big stride, tries to flail the ball through the covers but hits it straight at Imad Wasim at short cover. This has been brilliant by Pakistan.

WICKET! Hardik Pandya c Iftikhar Ahmed b Haris Rauf 7 (India 112-8, 17.4 overs)

18:32 , Luke Baker

It’s worth saying that this Nassau County Stadium pitch that runs aren’t easy to come by, so if India can even get themselves towards 130, that could be a winning score.

Pandya finally gets going as he back-cuts for FOUR and although it flew off a thick edge, they all count. Later in the over, so great boundary fielding by Shadab, diving full length to his left to save two runs.

But then another WICKET! Pandya flicks off his legs, trying to clip the ball for six but Iftikhar Ahmed runs to his left and pouches the ball on the boundary. Haris Rauf has his second scalp and Pakistan remove a man who could’ve added 20-plus runs to the score in these last overs with a few heaves.

India 106-7 (17 overs) - Pandya 1; Arshdeep 9

18:27 , Luke Baker

Arshdeep Singh manages to heave one past wide mid-on and it just reaches the boundary for FOUR runs and he then takes a blow to either the shoulder or hand as he tries to hook a bouncer.

Two off the fourth ball, six from the over and India are limping towards the end of their innings

100 UP! India 100-7 (16 overs) - Pandya 1; Arshdeep 3

18:21 , Luke Baker

Pakistan turning the screw now. Naseem Shah ends an absolutely fantastic spell by conceding just three from his final over. His final figures read 3-21.

It’s 100 UP for India but little to celebrate.


India 97-7 (15 overs) - Pandya 0; Arshdeep 1

18:17 , Luke Baker

Arshdeep Singh comes in for India at No 9 - he was probably hoping he wouldn’t be needed with the bat... Can India even bat out the 20 overs?

WICKET! Ravindra Jadeja c Imad Wasim b Mohammad Amir 0 (India 96-7, 14.2 overs)

18:16 , Luke Baker


India in disarray now! I was about to say that Ravindra Jadeja is a great man to have coming in as a No 8 but with the first delivery he sees from Amir, he sticks a bat out, away from his body and dabs it straight to Imad Wasim at silly mid-off.

Disaster for India who have gone from 89-3 to 96-7

WICKET! Rishabh Pant c Babar Azam b Mohammad Amir 42 (India 96-6, 14.1 overs)

18:13 , Luke Baker

Pakistan are REALLY on top now! Rishabh Pant has gone! Huge wicket for Pakistan.

Mohammed Amir back into the attack and with the very first ball, Pant tries to loft him over the top, straight down the ground but Babar Azam can jog across from mid-on and pouch the catch.

A good innings of 42 from 31 balls by Pant but his team are in real trouble now.

India 96-5 (14 overs) - Pandya 0; Pant 42

18:10 , Luke Baker

Hardik Pandya comes in and India need him to use all his experience to help take them to a decent total. Naseem oversteps on the final ball of the over, giving Pandya a free hit but he swings and misses att he following ball.

Pakistan are on top here.

WICKET! Shivam Dube c & b Naseem Shah 3 (India 95-5, 13.2 overs)

18:09 , Luke Baker

Are India in a bit of trouble here? Naseem Shah is tearing India apart and has a third wicket now!

The ball grips the pitch slightly and all Shivam Dube can do is scoop it straight back to the bowler for the simple catch. Pakistan are rocking and rolling now!

India 94-4 (13 overs) - Dube 3; Pant 41

18:07 , Luke Baker

Imad Wasim keeps it tight again, just four runs from the over and he’s only conceded 17 runs from his three so far. Superb stuff.

India 90-4 (12 overs) - Dube 0; Pant 40

18:01 , Luke Baker

Shivam Dube the man in at No 6 for India and Rauf completes a superb over by getting a ball to rear up at him. Just a single off the final ball scoring-wise in that one, plus the wicket.

Pant is the key man for India now, you feel

WICKET! Suryakumar Yadav c Mohammad Amir b Haris Rauf 7 (India 89-4, 11.2 overs)

18:00 , Luke Baker

And Haris Rauf, as he so often does, makes the breakthrough to take a much-needed wicket. Yadav has very much had a watching brief as Pant has opened his shoulders and when he tries to get in on the act, it goes wrong.

A scoop straight to Amir at mid-off and Yadav spliced it rather than catching it cleanly. They’d have preferred Pant but a wicket nonetheless for Pakistan

India 89-3 (11 overs) - Yadav 7; Pant 40

17:57 , Luke Baker

Decent over by Imad Wasim but Pant produces a gorgeous reverse sweep for FOUR runs as the highlight of the over.

India 81-3 (10 overs) - Yadav 5; Pant 34

17:49 , Luke Baker

Haris Rauf is handed the ball by his skipper and Rishabh Pant goes full Rishabh Pant! An ill-advised slower ball is crunched for FOUR with a lofted cover drive before a typically acrobatic shot sees him falling away to his left and ramping the ball to the right for FOUR more to fine leg.

A third FOUR of the over as he flicks a ball on his legs more conventionally to fine leg for another boundary. Thirteen off the over as Pant moves to 34.


India 68-3 (9 overs) - Yadav 5; Pant 21

17:44 , Luke Baker

Slow left-armer Imad Wasim into the attack and he almost has an immediate breakthrough. Pant top-edges the ball straight up and Usman Khan sprints to try and get there but despite a full-length dive, the ball is just beyond his fingertips as it hits the ground. So close!

Nice first over from Imad as India only take six off it.

India 62-3 (8 overs) - Yadav 4; Pant 17

17:40 , Luke Baker

Suryakumar Yadav the man in at No 5 and he punches a cracking straight drive down the ground for FOUR off the second ball.

Axar Patel b Naseem Shah 20 (India 58-3, 7.4 overs)

17:38 , Luke Baker

Naseem Shah bowls his second over AND GETS THE BREAKTHROUGH! Axar Patel’s stumps fly everywhere as he comes down the pitch, Naseem gets the ball to nip back and he’s skittled for 20 off 18 balls. Pakistan needed that

India 57-2 (7 overs) - Axar 20; Pant 16

17:35 , Luke Baker

50 in the six powerplay overs is solid from India and eight wickets in hand as well. As the fielding restrictions are loosened, Iftikhar Ahmed comes into the attack and it’s pretty tight until the final ball when Axar dances down the track and lofts him straight down the ground for FOUR!

Very nice shot - the partnership between these two is suddenly at 38

DROPPED CATCH AND 50 UP! India 50-2 (6 overs) - Axar 15; Pant 15

17:31 , Luke Baker

CLOSE! Amir stays on after a drinks break for Axar to change his pads and Pant flashes hard at the first ball of the over. Slip dives full length to his left and the thick edge only juuuuust eludes him for FOUR!

The next ball sees Usman Khan DROP A CATCH! Tough chance as he’s running from cover point with the ball dropping over his shoulder and he gets hands on it but floors it, allowing them to run three.

Then another FOUR, once again off Pant’s edge, full swinging away from the stumps and edged high over the slips. That’s 50 UP! India going at a decent rate and got 12 off that over but it felt hugely unconvincing.

WATCH: Kohli holes out

17:27 , Luke Baker

Here’s how Virat Kohli fell a little earlier

India 38-2 (5 overs) - Axar 14; Pant 4

17:26 , Luke Baker

Axar Patel decides that now is the time to tee off. He thick edges the first ball of the over for FOUR and then goes even bigger with the next delivery as Afridi goes short and Axar cleverly ramps him over slip for SIX! Great timing.

Thirteen runs off the over in the end.

India 24-2 (4 overs) - Axar 1; Pant 3

17:20 , Luke Baker

Pant runs three off the second ball but this is a ‘reset’ over for India as they try to stabilise things after the early wickets. Tidy stuff with the ball from Mohammad Amir

India 20-2 (3 overs) - Axar 0; Pant 0

17:19 , Luke Baker

Wow! Axar Patel is drafted up the order by Pakistan and he comes in at No 4, so we now have two left-handers at the crease. Just one wide and the wicket from that over, Super by Afridi.

WICKET! Rohit Sharma c Haris Rauf b Shaheen Shah Afridi 13 (India 19-2, 2.4 overs)

17:17 , Luke Baker

And now Rohit is gone! Brilliant bowling by Afridi as he ramps up the pressure with three dot balls before a full, straight one sees Rohit swinging for the boundary but he doesn’t catch it all and Haris Rauf makes the catch at deep square leg.

Big wicket. What a start by Pakistan.

India 19-1 (2 overs) - Rohit 13; Kohli 0

17:14 , Luke Baker

Rishabh Pant the man in at No 3 and he gets off strike as a wide down the leg side allows them to run one before Rohit clips an overpitched ball for four. Good response to the wicket falling

WICKET! Virat Kohli c Usman Khan b Naseem Shah 4 (India 12-1, 1.3 overs)

17:12 , Luke Baker

A great start for Pakistan after the rain delay! Virat Kohli punches Naseem Shah’s first ball for four with a gorgeous cover drive but just two balls later he’s gone!

He slaps the ball straight to cover point where Usman Khan has snaffled it and India are 12-1!

India v Pakistan - rain delay

17:01 , Luke Baker

Rain has stopped, the players are out and we’re about to get back underway in New York! We should still get a full match in.

India v Pakistan - rain delay

16:47 , Luke Baker

We only had six balls but what a six balls they were...

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)
 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)
 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

RAIN STOPS PLAY! India 8-0 (1 over) - Rohit 8; Kohli 0

16:27 , Luke Baker

Uh oh, it’s drizzling again and the umpires wave the players off the field! The fun being spoilt once again. Hopefully it’s just a quick passing shower.

India 8-0 (1 over) - Rohit 8; Kohli 0

16:25 , Luke Baker

Afridi steams in for the first ball of the match and Rohit flicks the ball to leg. The outfield is glacially slow and they take two. The fielder on the boundary caught out that the ball didn’t run to them.

Third ball of the match sees the first SIX - stunning timing, Rohit flicks it off his legs, in front of square and the ball flies into the stands! One flick of the wrists was all it took.

Afridi responds well with a couple of dot balls and then a big appeal for lbw off the final ball but Pakistan choose not to review. Eight from the over.

India v Pakistan

16:21 , Luke Baker

Overcast conditions and a pitch that has proven to be tough to score on suggests this could be a battle of the bowlers.

Shaheen Afridi will bowl the first over for Pakistan, with Rohit Sharma to face and Virat Kohli at the non-striker’s end.

India v Pakistan

16:18 , Luke Baker

The rain has stopped, the players are out and the anthems are done. LET’S PLAY CRICKET!

India v Pakistan - rain delay

16:03 , Luke Baker

The rain is easing, so we should be one for a 4.20pm start now. That would still allow us to get a full 20 overs per side game in.

India v Pakistan - rain delay

15:53 , Luke Baker

Boo! The rain is back in New York - that 4pm start isn’t going to be happening.

India v Pakistan team news

15:37 , Luke Baker

India unchanged from the side that beat Ireland and Pakistan make just one change to their XI after the Ireland defeat. Imad Wasim comes in for Azam Khan. It means Mohammad Rizwan will likely go behind the stumps.

India XI: Rohit Sharma (c), Virat Kohli, Rishabh Pant (wk), Suryakumar Yadav, Shivam Dube, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Axar Patel, Jasprit Bumrah, Arshdeep Singh, Mohammed Siraj

Pakistan XI: Babar Azam (c), Mohammad Rizwan (wk), Usman Khan, Fakhar Zaman, Shadab Khan, Iftikhar Ahmed, Imad Wasim, Shaheen Shah Afridi, Haris Rauf, Naseem Shah, Mohammad Amir

India v Pakistan - Pakistan win the toss and elect to field

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The atmosphere even for the toss is raucous! Babar Azam wins it - first blood to Pakistan and they elect to field. Not a surprise given the overcast conditions.

India skipper Rohit Sharma acknowledges they would have had a bowl as well if they’d won the toss.

India v Pakistan - new toss time and start time

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Ok, it’s good news! The toss will now take place at 3.30pm BST (seven minutes’ time) with a start time of 4pm BST, so only 30 minutes delay. We’ll take that!

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India v Pakistan - pitch inspection

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The rain has stopped, the covers are coming off and the umpires are out for a pitch inspection. I reckon we’ll have a slightly delayed start but shouldn’t be too long (famous last words...)

The United States is starting to embrace cricket - can we keep nothing sacrosanct?

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Following the shock victory of the United States’ side against Pakistan last week, a cricketing consciousness across the Atlantic may be stirring. And such was the dramatic nature of the match – which, having initially ended in a tie, was decided by a “super over” – it is hard to begrudge the Americans their enthusiasm.

But the question then arises: do we really want America to become cricket-mad? The marketing and finance bods at the International Cricket Council would presumably be delighted. Breaking America is not only the Holy Grail of global pop bands, but also of anyone wanting to make big bucks – and money is these days a major driver of those who run cricket internationally.

There have been advantages to all this for sure, but cricket’s soul has been troubled. So just imagine what will happen if the Yanks get their hands on the sport. For one thing, it’ll become de rigueur to watch matches accompanied by two-litre sodas and giant foam hands. And such is America’s penchant for cultural imperialism, you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll want to tweak the rules – bigger bats maybe, or perhaps a third set of stumps, just to spice things up a bit. “Leg before wicket” will become “Pants on fire”, and “Howzat” will be replaced with “Whatssup?!”

And if there’s money to made, Donald Trump will no doubt find a way to get a slice of the pie. He could build a cricket ground at Mar-a-Largo and spend his next presidency telling everyone it’s better than Lord’s. He might even redesignate his title to “The Umpire of the United States of America”. And as he might be in jail, dreaming about ways of getting out will be entirely appropriate.

Will Gore gives his take on America’s growing love affair with cricket:

The United States is starting to embrace cricket - can we keep nothing sacrosanct?

India v Pakistan

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The drizzle is coming down in New York, so I fear we may be on for a delayed start, with the cover still on the pitch. We’re supposed to start at 3.30pm BST, so in about 30 minutes’ time but the toss has been delayed.


India v Pakistan

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It’s going to be quite the atmosphere in New York


India begin T20 World Cup campaign with routine win over Ireland

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India captain Rohit Sharma led from the front with an impressive half-century before retiring hurt to guide his team to an eight-wicket victory over Ireland in their opening T20 World Cup group match in New York on Wednesday.

After 14 wickets had fallen for 157 runs in the first match on the temporary drop-in pitch when South Africa defeated Sri Lanka by six wickets, India bowled Ireland out for 96 with four overs to spare.

Rohit helped allay fears the pitches imported from Adelaide were too helpful to the quicker bowlers, however, easing his way to 52 from 37 balls with three sixes and four fours ahead of one of the most anticipated games of the tournament against Pakistan on Sunday.

After Rohit won the toss on an overcast morning, Ireland were immediately in trouble as they slumped to 46-6. Only Gareth Delaney offered any real defiance in the face of an attack in which fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah was again virtually unplayable, capturing 2-6 from his three overs and beating all the batters in the air or off the pitch.

Delaney, batting at number seven, scored 26 from 14 balls including a four and six from consecutive balls from left-arm paceman Arshdeep Singh before he was run out. Only three other Ireland players reached double figures.

After Virat Kohli had been quickly dismissed for one, Rishabh Pant (36 not out) batted with typical impudence, scoring the winning runs with a reverse sweep for six.

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T20 Cricket World Cup 2024: Results, schedule and fixtures

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The 2024 T20 Cricket World Cup is being held in the United States for the first time, with the West Indies as co-hosts.

England go into the tournament as title holders having won the last edition less than two years ago, beating Pakistan in the final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

India are among the favourites for the International Cricket Council event but they have not won a major cricket tournament since the Champions Trophy in 2013 and the T20 World Cup has evaded their grasp since they became the first-ever winners back in 2007.

Meanwhile, Australia stand on the brink of an unprecedented feat in world cricket. If Mitchell Marsh’s side can win, the nation will hold every major cricketing trophy across the men’s and women’s game.

T20 Cricket World Cup 2024: Results, schedule and fixtures

Beating Pakistan is going to open many doors for us – US skipper Monank Patel

13:55 , Luke Baker

United States captain Monank Patel said his side’s historic T20 World Cup super-over win against Pakistan will help boost the sport’s popularity in the country.

The tournament co-hosts sealed a famous upset at the Grand Prairie Cricket Stadium in Dallas by holding their nerve to win the super over after a thrilling match was tied.

Pakistan had been restricted to 159-7 in their regulation innings, but hit back after the United States appeared to be cruising in reply at 111-2 in the 14th over only to finish on 159-3

Patel said: “Of course, beating Pakistan in a World Cup is going to open many doors for us. And people, like the USA cricket community, (will) be aware of it. Obviously hosting the World Cup in the USA and performing here as a team, it helps us to grow cricket in the USA.

“I am happy with the win, playing against Pakistan for the first time in the World Cup and beating them. It was an unbelievable performance from our side.”


Pakistan stunned in super over defeat to United States in T20 World Cup

13:40 , Luke Baker

The United States won a thrilling super over to seal a famous victory against Pakistan in the T20 World Cup in Dallas.

After both sides finished their innings on 159 in their Group A match at the Grand Prairie Cricket Stadium, the USA held their nerve to pull off a major upset and make it back-to-back wins in the tournament.

Batting first in the super over, the USA made 18-1, with Aaron Jones on 11 before being run out and seven runs coming via extras.

Iftikhar Ahmed then took Pakistan to five for none off three balls in their super over before he was brilliantly caught by Nitish Kumar close to the boundary and USA bowler Saurabh Netravalkar restricted them to 13-1.

Pakistan stunned in super over defeat to United States in T20 World Cup

T20 World Cup pitch in New York ‘bordering on dangerous’

13:26 , Luke Baker

Concerns are growing over the state of the T20 World Cup pitch in New York, with former England coach Andy Flower suggesting conditions at the ground were “bordering on dangerous” during India’s win over Ireland.

Bringing big matches to the pop up Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in Long Island has been a key part of the International Cricket Council’s bid to break the lucrative American market, but the gambit is off to a rocky start. With ‘drop in’ pitches grown over 1,000 miles away in Florida and transported via truck just a month ago, teething problems are hardly a surprise.

After a low-scoring opening game between South Africa and Sri Lanka served up scores of 77 all out and 80-4 – hardly the kind of explosive hitting promoters would hope for – things got even trickier on Wednesday.

Runs were hard to come by again as Ireland were bowled out for 96 with huge variations in bounce causing havoc for their batters. India chased their target with plenty of time to spare but only after captain Rohit Sharma retired hurt having taken blow on the upper arm from a Josh Little delivery that leapt sharply.

Flower, a seasoned coach with experience all over the world, sounded a note of caution about the setup.

“I’ve got to say that is not a good surface to play international cricket on. It is bordering on dangerous,” he told ESPN Cricinfo. “We saw the ball bouncing from a length both ways, keeping low occasionally but in the main bouncing unusually high and striking people on the the thumb, the gloves, the helmet. It proved very, very difficult batting conditions for any side.”

T20 World Cup pitch in New York ‘bordering on dangerous’

How to watch India v Pakistan

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The Group A fixture between India and Pakistan is due to start at 3.30pm BST on Sunday 9 June at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York.

Viewers in the United Kingdom can watch the action live on Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Cricket, with coverage on the channels from 3pm BST. Subscribers can stream the match via Sky Go.

If you’re not a Sky customer, you can grab a NOWTV Day Pass here to watch without a subscription.

Early Pakistan team news

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Despite that shock defeat to the USA, Pakistan may stick with an unchanged team with their four-pronged seam attack likely to do damage on a fast, bowler-friendly surface.

Usman Khan should remain in an otherwise highly-experienced top four, though the talented Saim Ayub may be considered.

Predicted Pakistan XI: Babar Azam (c), Mohammad Rizwan, Usman Khan, Fakhar Zaman, Azam Khan (wk), Iftikhar Ahmed, Shadab Khan, Shaheen Shah Afridi, Mohammad Amir, Haris Rauf, Naseem Shah

Early India team news

12:55 , Luke Baker

Rohit Sharma was forced to retire hurt after taking his side to the brink of victory over Ireland, but the India skipper played down injury fears afterwards and should be fit to open once more.

Having named a spin-heavy squad, all three of India’s specialist seamers were deployed in their first game and seem likely to continue at the same venue.

Predicted India XI: Rohit Sharma (c), Virat Kohli, Rishabh Pant (wk), Suryakumar Yadav, Shivam Dube, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Axar Patel, Jasprit Bumrah, Arshdeep Singh, Mohammed Siraj

Everything you need to know about India v Pakistan

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One of sport’s fiercest rivalries will tread new territory as India and Pakistan meet in New York.

A crunch T20 World Cup clash has become virtually must-win for Pakistan after a shock defeat in a super over to the USA in Dallas on Thursday.

With only two teams progressing from Group A, defeat to their neighbours India — who kicked off their campaign with a win over Ireland — could well spell the end of Babar Azam and co’s ambitions.

The playing surface will be in the spotlight, too, with the ICC forced to issue a statement after an unpredictable Nassau County pitch was heavily criticised ahead of this marquee encounter.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Is India v Pakistan on TV? Start time, channel and how to watch T20 World Cup

India v Pakistan

12:43 , Luke Baker

We’re in for a treat today. One of cricket, nay sport’s great fixtures taking place in New York as the India-Pakistan rivalry plays out on a fresh stage. Nassau County International Stadium will be rocking!

India vs Pakistan

Saturday 8 June 2024 16:23 , Sonia Twigg

Good morning and welcome to The Independent’s live build up and coverage of one of the fiercest rivalries in sport taking place at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York.

The 2024 T20 World Cup is co-hosted by the USA and the West Indies, with the majority of the matches taking place in the Caribbean, but Saturday’s encounter is the flagship match for America.