In praise of Boston Bruins and locker room logo logic

Boston Bruins
Boston Bruins

The Atlanta Falcons and the Boston Bruins both have new dressing rooms this season in their respective practice facilities. And just like the NHL has been the trailblazer on certain issues, we believe hockey had led the way on obnoxious giant locker room logos and their placement.

The Falcons have adopted the widely-held NHL team dogma about punishing those who dare step on the giant logo inconveniently placed in the center of a frequently crowded room.

From reporter Vaughn McClure, who himself faced admonishment for stepping on the logo:

[Linebacker Sean] Weatherspoon always has been a strong advocate of team unity. This latest measure involving the logo is one he understands and appreciates.

“It makes sense,” Weatherspoon said. “It’s obviously something that we hadn’t done before, but it makes sense to not step on what your symbol is. I think it says a lot about us. It looks nice. We want to play nice. We want to keep that nice. We stay off of that, and we play some good football.”


We’re on record about the logo on the floor thing being not only an impediment during over-capacity postgame situations for the media – leading to embarrassing situations for all involved – but a trap to further besmirch the good name of Justin Bieber. That’s on top of being completely nonsensical, because wouldn’t putting the logo on the ceiling be a greater way to honor it than putting it under the dirty feet of those in the locker room?

Of course! And we finally have an advocate on the side of good and light: Sea Bass himself, Cam Neely!

The Boston Bruins’ president showed off the team’s renovated practice facilities at the Warrior Ice Arena on Thursday, including the relocation of the Spoked-B to the ceiling.

From NESN:

“I never liked to put the jersey on the floor, I don’t know why the logo is on the floor,” Neely said. “The whole concern about people stepping on it seemed to take up a lot of energy. I just felt it was time to move it.”


Please keep in mind that when Neely says “it seemed to take up a lot of energy,” it might be because the Bruins took the logo thing so seriously that they’d have team employees standing guard around it while the media overran the room to hear what genius Brad Marchand was going to share. Now? Well, unless Lionel Richie or Joseph Gordon Levitt from “Inception” walk in, they’re golden.

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