On-ice camera shot of fight at Memorial Cup puts spotlight on fighting in hockey

An up-close look at a scrap during a Memorial Cup game has put the spotlight on fighting in hockey.

A TSN cameraman, dressed in white to blend in, came onto the ice Monday night to film a second-period fight between Moose Jaw defenceman Kalem Parker and London forward Max McCue.

Having a camera operator on the ice for a shot isn't new for TSN. The broadcaster has done it at world junior championships and women's world championships.

However, as the fight was between major junior players, it put a lens on fighting in hockey — and the entertainment value of it.

The 360-degree on-ice look of the fight was received well among some fans, with a number online wanting to see more of it.

But fighting has been getting slowly phased out of hockey, especially at the junior level.

Leagues have put rules in place to limit fighting, with the Quebec Maritimes Junior Hockey League even banning it in 2023.

QMJHL players who fight receive ejections, the instigating player gets an automatic suspension and the aggressor gets a minimum two-game suspension. In addition to the game misconduct, an automatic suspension is imposed starting from a player's second fight of the season, on top of the other sanctions.

McCue and Parker were given five-minute fighting majors, which is standard discipline in the Ontario Hockey League and Western Hockey League.

TSN has had a multi-year deal in place to broadcast the Canadian Hockey League dating back to 2021.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 29, 2024.

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