Hurricanes take shot at Don Cherry with special beer

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As a club that tends to struggle with attendance and garnering national attention, when the Carolina Hurricanes become a part of the news cycle they’ve got to milk it for all it’s worth.

So it’s not a surprise that since Don Cherry called the team “a bunch of jerks” for their win celebrations, they’ve latched onto that gravy train and hung on for dear life.

Making t-shirts was the logical — and presumably rather profitable — first step. Now the club has moved onto another reliable seller for hockey fans: beer.

This isn’t perfect (the less said about “Jerk in Carolina Night” the better), but it’s another admirable attempt to capitalize on the rare, sweet nectar of free publicity. It would be a little less on the nose if it were sour grapes not sour cherries, but if it were sour grapes it might just be wine or some ungodly beer/wine hybrid.

You could probably make the case that having much of your branding coming from the mouth of Don Cherry by accident isn’t ideal for a franchise, but if that’s where you’re at you might as well make the best of it.

Don Cherry is not amused with the Carolina Hurricanes. (Chris Young/CP)
Don Cherry is not amused with the Carolina Hurricanes. (Chris Young/CP)

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