A hungry Kevin Harlan had funny call of chicken wing thrown on court at NBA game

We got yet another example on Thursday night of why sports fans love broadcaster Kevin Harlan.

In the closing minute of the Pelicans’ 135-123 win over the Kings, a fan in Sacramento threw a chicken wing on the court.

Yep, a chicken wing.

Why would a fan do that? That’s the question Harlan asked, and he did so in the way only he could. Harlan, the University of Kansas graduate, apparently was already thinking about a postgame meal when the wing hit the court and stopped play.

“Somebody’s throwing something on the floor. ... It’s a chicken wing,” Harlan said on the TNT broadcast. “Why would someone throw something that good on the floor? It’s crispy, it’s warm and I’m so hungry.”

Reggie Miller, who had been giggling, noted that Harlan’s stomach was grumbling as a stadium worker picked up the snack.

“What’s that guy?” Harlan asked. “I hope he eats it.”

This was great and one can’t help but wonder if Harlan order chicken wings following the game.