Hostess Has 2 New Snack Cakes Hitting Shelves

We've never seen anything like this before.

<p>Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples

We all know that the snack cake world is dominated by a few beloved brands. But while Little Debbie is working on its ice cream line and Entenmann’s is throwing itself into new baking categories, Hostess has room to perfect its all-new innovations.

Sure, we all love Hostess for its Twinkies and HoHos—have you ever considered maybe the funny names have something to do with it?—but we’ll never turn down a new product from one of our favorite snack brands. And Hostess has certainly been delivering.

Last year, Hostess had the wacky—yet ingenious—idea to mash up two of its fan-loved cakes. Thus, the Ding Dongs x Twinkies Mashups were born. After that hit, Hostess did it again, this time with its HoneyBun and Donettes.

Now, Hostess just announced it’s bringing two all-new products to shelves. No, it’s not the HoHos x SnoBalls we’re itching to see, though we still have hope those will arrive one day.

Instead, Hostess is launching a first-of-its-kind snack cake: Meltamors.

Hostess Launches New Meltamors



Hostess’ Meltamors are the brand’s first-ever version of a lava cake. The fluffy, chocolate mini cakes are filled with a sweet center that becomes gooey and melty after just five seconds in the microwave.

The Meltamors will be available in two varieties: Double Chocolate and Chocolate Creamy Caramel. Both cakes will be chocolate flavored with a chocolate drizzle, but the Double Chocolate will have a melted chocolate center and the Chocolate Creamy Caramel will have a melted caramel center.

While the desserts are suitable for the microwave, you don’t have to enjoy them that way. The Meltamors can be eaten as-is—but zapping them in the microwave for five seconds really elevates the experience of a warm, gooey chocolate cake.

Hostess Meltamors are beginning to roll out now, so if you haven’t already found them at your grocery store or favorite retailers, you will soon. The Meltamors will be available as a box of eight individually wrapped cakes at grocery stores, and as a single-serve pack, which includes two cakes, at convenience stores.

Whatever’s going on in the Hostess R&D room, we dig it—keep it coming, Hostess!

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