Hockey player suspended for injuring opponent with a dirty MMA move

(Photo credit: Twitter @SebYlonen)
(Photo credit: Twitter @SebYlonen)

If he were fighting in the octagon, an MMA judge might have given Holden Anderson points for a successful takedown, but it’s hard to judge a leg sweep during a hockey game as anything but cheap and dangerous.

Anderson was captured on video busting out his best UFC takedown while playing in the Synerglace Ligue Magnus, the top men’s division of hockey in France. In the video below, the play has stopped and several skaters from both teams can be seen convening near the benches.

As you can see, Anderson and an opponent, Julien Desrosiers, have locked arms just beside the crowd, tussling in what appears to be the tail-end of a fight.

The scene begins as a typical hockey tussle until Anderson quickly sweeps Desrosiers legs right out from underneath him with a trip that would make Georges St-Pierre proud. Desrosiers, who landed right on top his head and was knocked unconscious, reportedly suffered an acromioclavicular sprain and will miss the rest of the regular season.

Anderson has reportedly been suspended indefinitely by his own team as the club waits on an official ruling from the league.

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