Here's What Happens When a New Z06 Blows Its Engine at 600 Miles

corvette c8 z06 on flatbed
What Happens When a Z06 Blows Its Enginesteelankles - YouTube

With C8 Corvette Z06 deliveries well underway, customers are finally starting to enjoy their cars to the fullest. One customer, steelankles on YouTube, didn't get much time to enjoy his Amplify orange Z06 coupe before the engine failed, leaving him stranded with just 621 miles on the odometer.

Video from a rear-facing GoPro mounted to the back of the Z06 published to the steelankles account shows the car doing an acceleration before it begins to exhibit some pretty severe rod knock. The driver realizes something is wrong and swings a U-turn to return to his friend's house. Right after the car gets turned around, the engine turns off and locks up the drivetrain.

c8 corvette z06 gauge cluster

A photo of the gauge cluster taken at the time of the incident shows the engine's oil temperature well within its operating range, dismissing any concern the car may be being pushed beyond its limits. The steelankles channel also claims to have followed the 500-mile break-in process diligently.

Chevy acted quickly to get a new motor in the car, with Rick Hendrick City Chevrolet in Charlotte, North Carolina getting the ailing Z06 to the customer with a new engine in just two weeks—impressive considering just how new the Z06 is to the market, and current supply chain constraints.

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