Here's What Happened When HuffPost UK Met Muppets Rockers The Electric Mayhem

After five decades of being best known as the Muppets’ house band, the Electric Mayhem are finally taking up centre stage and getting the recognition they deserve.

The long-serving group – who first won the public’s hearts with their performances on The Muppet Show, and have been rocking ever since – are currently starring in the Disney+ “documentary” Muppets Mayhem, which follows the recording of the band’s first ever album (which, incidentally, is also available to download and stream now).

To mark the release of Muppets Mayhem, HuffPost UK was lucky enough to meet band members Floyd Pepper and Animal to talk about their new show, the recording of their long-awaited debut album and how it feels to finally be taking centre stage as “the marquee act”.

And we’re happy to confirm it was every bit as chaotic as we hoped it would be.

The Electric Mayhem performing in 2016
The Electric Mayhem performing in 2016

The Electric Mayhem performing in 2016

Over the course of our conversation, Floyd and Animal also opened up about how rock ‘n’ roll has changed since they first exploded onto the scene in the 70s, not to mention how a certain Muppets diva is coping with not being the centre of attention this time around (spoiler alert: not very well, apparently).

Watch our full conversation with Floyd and Animal of the Electric Mayhem in the video above.

Muppets Mayhem is streaming now on Disney+,with its accompanying soundtrack – featuring classic tunes and new original songs – also out now to stream and download.

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