Harshada Pathare on How to Become a Creative Magnet

Whether it is creative work as an artist or designer of life-insights, Harshada is never content unless her learning is still on.

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When she is in the role of a storyteller, Harshada does in-depth research and then introspects the context or circumstances before drawing inferences.

Her writing is based on real-life experiences and innovative concepts but written with an intuitive strength. She has a knack for adding new meanings to complex and diverse topics. A creative mind works like a science laboratory where you have to do many experiments before finding conclusions. As we brainstorm to hammer the columns of the creative questionnaire, little by little, the questions fizzle down into nothing. The challenge in such type of researches is that the outcome is unpredictable - no right or no wrong. There is plenty of scope for mistakes, improvements, learning, and relearning that challenge the old school of thought. When experiments are on creativity and innovation, the results will always be unpredictable and unfinished.

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Only extraordinary trailblazers dare to walk on the rigorous path of creativity. There is a lot of excitement while working on such out-of-box projects where the possibilities are endless. When the creative structure is undeterminable, the process of finding answers would be equally complex and complicated.

Harshada fuses values, passion, and intended messages in her writing to rekindle the creative thinking of the upcoming generations. Being an eternal optimist, it is only positivism that keeps her focus straight as she strides upon her journey of becoming a creative magnet.

Unsatisfied with herself, she interacts with people in her ecosystem and prepares a user research document that lists her personal and creative deficiencies. Sometimes, even a small conversation stimulates the brain and fills us with immense potential to express boldly. While working in different roles, she shows us an example that creativity and routine life are not parallel to each other but synonymous in every aspect. Though creativity is an intelligence - we need to practice it regularly and keep it flowing.

Her work reminds us that art and life don’t function in separate parallels but are synonymous. Her passion tells us that practice is important to keep improving our performance.

Harshada is constantly exploring a playful curriculum of knowledge to provide a remarkable insight into her personality. An artist needs to reframe the stereotypes, take inspiration from setbacks to create timeless art. The challenge is to remain in a certain stillness or in calm even we are indulging in chaotic and nonlinear equations. Creative thinking must be remain ignited.

Harshada terms her relationship with creativity as a purely aesthetic relationship. It is creativity that innately creates spaces in your mind and soul that allows you to feel invincible. Never ask any artist what is next; they don't know.

Whenever a creative artist looks at their work, it instills in them a feeling of co-creator. There work is full of life, breathing like an organism, speaking about their birth and showing the consciousness that cracked the egg.

Never ask any artist what is next; they don't know. It is like dark matter to them and will always be.